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Friday Blog Love

I'll keep this short.

Check out The Functioning Fishaholics.

Matt wrote a really good post last night, especially if you're a fellow blogger.  I think we all struggle with this from time to time.  Please don't comment here, comment there.

Oh, and enjoy your Labor Day weekend...

Gear Review - Lightload Towels

I know, I've seen reviews of Lightload Towels before...  Like HERE and HERE and probably other places too.  I get it.  I know why you're rolling your eyes.  But don't go to another site yet, this post gets better...I think...

So the concept is simple.  Its a little disc that you can easily toss in your pocket, your fishing bag, a backpack, wherever...and like you'd hear on an infomercial, "just add water," and magically the little disc expands and is either a full sized hand towel (12"x12") or larger towel (12"x24"), depending on which flavor's in your PEZ dispenser.  If you have kids, you may have seen t-shirts or washcloths with cartoon characters on them sold in a similar, although not as small, fashion.

Anyway, last weekend I took one of the magic discs, tossed it in my tiny Vedavoo chest pack, and went fishing.  I really didn't need it for most of the day, until the cloud cover kinda burned off.  Okay, I'll just…

Wednesday Nibbles - The Non Tenkara Edition

Before I begin, I need to apologize for all of the tenkara posts lately.  For better or worse it's what I do probably 70% of the time I go fishing these days, so it also fuels a lot of the inspiration for the posts around here, no matter how silly a method of fishing it appears.  It's probably fitting that I fish with an obscure type of fishing rod, that way I have an excuse when I don't catch fish.

Anyway, with that out of the way, it's Wednesday, so let's do the Nibbles.

Just to temporarily remove the smell of tenkara from my hands, here's a pic of the CLS reel, the "Best Freshwater Reel" at the recent IFTD Show out in Reno.  It's a cassette reel from Hardy, who, well, I've always had a total gearcrush on.  It's also a back to back win for them after they won the same award in 2011 for their Ultralight DD reel.

I've always dug Hardy's design aesthetic, from classic to modern, even though my wallet protests a purchase.  I should…

Tenkara Tuesday (Gear Review) - Esoteric Tackle 12' ESO-Tenkara Rod

Welcome to Tenkara Tuesday.

I was contacted somewhat out of the blue a little while ago via email by Daniel from Esoteric Tackle...yes, there is another Daniel in tenkaradom...crazy right?...about giving an "unbiased review" of his rod against the competition.  Being that I've fished a few makes of tenkara rod and have at least some frame of reference I figured why not.  I mean who doesn't like gear sent to their house?  Heck, at minimum it would give me something to write about.

First off, a little about Esoteric Tackle.  I honestly don't know much about them other than they sell "esoteric"...which kinda means products online and are based in the United Kingdom.  Upon inspection of the mailing tube, the address actually read that the rod shipped from the Isle of Man...which is probably one of the coolest places on Earth the rod could of shipped from, you know considering that's where that annual motorcycle accident race is held …


No real post out of me today.  I tried to go fishing yesterday, but felt the wrath of the skunk.  So no fish, no post.  I'm not going to give you that, "oh, it was just great to get out" crap.

I probably shouldn't have really tried, it was deceivingly warm and the water at Valley was really, really low. I was actually going to go to the Perkiomen Creek and pick on panfish and smallmouth, but for some reason I wanted trout.  It's a sickness.  Oh well...

So with that, I figured I'd set the table for the rest of the week.  I actually have a few posts planned for a change, here's what to look forward to:

Tomorrow:  Tenkara Tuesday - Gear Review of Esoteric Tackle 12' Tenkara Rod
Wednesday:  Wednesday Nibbles
Thursday:  Gear Review - Light Load Towels...and yes Beavis, there will be fire.
Friday:  Something TBD.  Not really top secret, just TBD.

Okay, so in the words of Fontinalis Rising, "Let's Get After It."

Glad To See He Made It Back From Outdoor Retailer Okay...

A pretty monumental day over on the other blog.  BIG news (literally), you may want to check it out...

Tenkara Tuesday - What's In The Bag?

Welcome to Tenkara Tuesday.
I thought it might be interesting to write a little bit about what's inside my typical tenkara pack.  Okay, maybe it's not all that interesting, but after posting this picture (below) of my Vedavoo chest pack to various social media outlets on Sunday, I found myself getting quite a few questions about how much, and what, this little pack holds.

Well first off, while this is called a "chest pack," I'd more likely compare it to a lanyard than what you might typically think a chest pack is.  While it has a few compartments, I wouldn't say any are particularly deep, so you're not going to cram 3 fly boxes in this thing.  However for a quick fishing session or doing the tenkara thing, I've found this to be aces.
Here's what it holds, or at least what I put inside, to both answer the question, and give perspective of the bag's capacity.  Please note, all this stuff fits neatly inside while the pack maintains a slim profil…

An Esoteric Day Of Fishing

Sneaking out Saturday afternoon to get a few hours of fishing in was pretty much a "oh, what the heck" decision.  It was a nice day outside, but we all seemed to just be loafing around the house.  Well, not really loafing, my wife was sewing, I was tying flies, and Lilly was watching cartoons...which to a not loafing.

It had rained pretty hard the night before, so I had no idea what the surrounding creeks would look like.  I figured Valley would be a safe bet since it clears quicker than most, although I'm trying to wean myself off fishing there as much.  I was enthusiastic about fishing because I had a few new things I wanted to try out.  
The first new item was a 12' tenkara rod from Esoteric Tackle over in the UK.  It was sent over for me to demo & review, and while the latter will not be covered in this post, I will hint that I was pleasantly surprised by the rod's capabilities.

The second item was a new (to me) fly pattern I was kind of lusting …

Kickstarter - The Fishing Gods

Over here at Troutrageous! I've been maintaining a relationship with Kype Magazine for the better part of the last 3 years.  It's not unique, other bloggers also post the "free issues" on their sites, I just continue to do so because happen to enjoy the magazine and the people involved.

As such, I thought it would be worth mentioning a "Kickstarter" project that George Douglas (Kype's publisher) has currently running.  His goal - to publish a book called The Fishing Gods - which will ambitiously attempt to harness 500 years worth of fly fishing knowledge into a hardbound book, worthy of any fisherman's library.

Excerpt from press release:

Author and Publisher, George Douglas has just completed his latest fly fishing project ! Five hundred years of experience compiled in one amazing book---the stories, techniques, and flies of the top American & Canadian Fly Fishing Guides. We'd like to refer to them as the "Sweet Sixteen&…

My Canadian Vacation Recap...Somewhat Briefly...Because Who Really Wants To Look At Someone Else's Vacation Pictures....

How's that for a blog post title?  I thought it was fitting.
So yeah, the fam & I went on a little cruise up to Canada last week out of New York City.  BTW, I still really dislike NYC.  But that's a novel post for another time...
So we left the dock and went past the Statue of Liberty.  Goodbye America.

After a day and a half at sea, we were greeted by fog.  Like lots of fog.  I think I enjoyed our first port of call in Saint John, New Brunswick, at least what I could see of it.  That's a little bit of an exaggeration but it really was quite foggy.  

We took a bus tour called the "Top Ten of Saint John" that drove us all around.  We saw the Reversing Falls, the New Brunswick Museum, the City Market, the Caves at Bay of Fundy in Saint Martins, and a bunch of other historical stuff in and around town.  It went far too quickly and I have to give a big tip of the cap to Ian Patrick our tour guide from Aquila Tours.  He gave an excellently entertaining tour...woul…

On The Run To Canada

I'll be either on a boat or in Canada the next few days (oh, with a quick stop in NYC today).  As such, the blog will most likely be silent over the next week.

What am I doing you might ask?  Running from the law?  Fishing?  Going on a drunken bender?    Perhaps all...or perhaps none.  I'll let you know when I get back.

In the meantime, go visit my blogroll over on the right hand side of the page.  Lots of good reads there...

Troutrageous! Storms 2012 Outdoor Retailer Summer Market (Part 2)

Today, Chase Hundley is back with part two of his OR Show post.  (You can check out part one HERE).  He digs into some gear, thus I'm not going to delay the goodies with an extended intro.  So without further adieu, get to reading.  Enjoy...

As promised, here's “part 2” of my Outdoor Retailer excursion with proof that I slobbered over gear and not the awkward contortionists at a New Balance party for the release of their new minimal running shoe (I’m still asking myself why I was invited to a party for running shoes).

…I’ll just say I followed friends there – also there was free food.

Finally, here’s all the awesome gear I witnessed at the show.

1. Redington Link Rods

My favorite piece of new gear from the show would be the Link Rods from Redington. I’ve been on the search for an 8wt that I can use for big bass flies, saltwater, and a possible steelhead trip in the near future. I played around with the …