July 1, 2012

Pizza, Bad Monster Movies, & Fishing

Wow, 5 days between posts.  Feels like an eternity to me.

The last week or so, I've pretty much been removed from the computer (which in all honesty is a good thing).  No blogging, a little Facebook & Twitter on the smartphone, but that's about it.  

As I mentioned on June 25th, I spent the large part of last week in Jacksonville, Florida on business.  I had hoped to steal a few hours while in JAX and at least check out the fishing pier, but Mother Nature had other plans.  Tropical storm-like rains...ummm...rained down on the city for a good two days straight creating flooded roads - and for better or worse trapping me inside the hotel on Tuesday night.

That said, the flights back and forth were not plagued by weather-related airport delays, so all in the end was good.  Jacksonville might not be my favorite place in the world, but I will miss a nice slice of Moon River Pizza.

Moon River's Godzilla Pizza...foreshadowing, perhaps?

Anyway, back up in Pennsylvania, I was fortunate to be greeted by 100+ degree days the last few; I forgot how much I hate the extremes of the Philadelphia summers.  Makes you want to hole up in your house, blinds drawn, AC crankin', and just veg out.  Which I did the lion's share of yesterday.  The SyFy Channel was running a day's worth of "creature" movies, which I really like because a) they are so poorly done, and b) they are guaranteed at least one B (if not C) level actor/actress.

Yesterday's bounty included Anaconda 3 starring David Hasselhoff as a for-hire reptile hunter.  Like in all of the 'Hoff's roles, his acting was superb, the script just let him down.

After that was Bigfoot.  And you know how I like me some Bigfoot.  Unfortunately, they portrayed Bigfoot more like King Kong than a humanoid-ape.  Luckily Danny Bonaduce & Barry Williams (Greg Brady) were there to save the day - and also send a missle through Abe Lincoln's head at Mt. Rushmore.

No video I could scrounge up...sorry.  Or maybe you should thank me.

Finally, a battle to the death ensued between two true monsters...no not Mega Python vs. Gatoroid.  Nope.  Rather Tiffany vs. Debbie Gibson.  Great flick.  Honestly I can't say I made it through that one all the way.  For fans of either, Debbie Gibson is holding up well.  Tiffany...not so much.

As for fishing...yeah, fishing.  I did do a little of that yesterday once the sun finally started to go down.  Went over to the Indianhead Dam section of the Perkiomen Creek for a few hours to get my first wet wade of the year on.  Heck, hadn't fished that section of the Perk since 2009.  Was hoping for some smallies, but only found sunfish and rock bass.  No bronzebacks or even barracuda this time.  Oh well...

Below Indianhead Dam, near Oaks PA
Perkiomen Creek Sunfish


  1. I sometimes wonder just how far the SYFY Channel will reach in their pursuit of bad monster movies. I've recorded Bigfoot but haven't had a chance to watch it. The other two, couldn't make it through either.

    1. If you watch nothing more than the last half hour, it will be time very well spent.

  2. Sci-Fi??? Im going straight to the sunfish...Ummm..Well, that pizza did look mighty fine! I've got to find me one of those sweet little sunfish someday...they are so dang cute!

    1. C'mon RD - bad monster movies are hilarious. Life is short. Live it!

  3. What the crap is a gatoroid, and will Preparation H get rid of it?