July 9, 2012

A Break In The Heat... Let's Go Fishing!

As a kid, I seem to remember really enjoying the summertime.  The ridiculous heat of a Philadelphia summer was just an excuse to set up a sprinkler in the backyard to jump through, to hide in the house and play hour after hour of Mike Tyson's Punch Out, or eat thousands of "ice pops," leaving the clear plastic wrappers pretty much everywhere in our wake.


As an adult, facing almost 11 straight days in the mid to high 90s, with more than a few days topping 100... well, it just sucks.  Remarkably, Lilly gets through it much like I did as a kid... Slip & Slide in the backyard, Wipeout 2 on her Nintendo DS, and a freezer full of Fudgesicles.  But me... as a guy who's one real hobby is fishing... going outside into the broiler is not something to look forward to.  Because when it's that hot with very little rain, even wet wading doesn't provide much relief.

Yesterday afternoon provided an too rare opportunity of not XXX-rated hot weather, so a few text messages exchanged, Matt (aka Func Fish) & I decided to hit an undisclosed area of the Perkiomen Creek to pester some fish.  

Matt wore waders, I wet waded, and upon entry the first good sign was that the water actually felt good.  Nice and cool(ish), unlike last weekend's mission where it felt like warm pis... well you know what I mean.  Even if we didn't catch a thing, the simple refreshment that was being bottom deep in some cool water made it worth the trip.

Simple refreshment for someone else...

First we hit a spot where he had previously spotted a bunch of carp hanging out doing what carp do, which is primarily being ugly.  While they weren't stacked on top of each other like the last day he saw them, they were still there, lurking.  Not being carp people we just threw random flies at them without any luck.  It got old pretty quick, so we moved on... because the panfish bite was on.  Holla!

Waderboy tying on

Sunnies, bluegills, rock bass, even the random smallmouth bass all obliged... one after another after another.  All shapes, all sizes, all colors.  It was pretty fun.

Although we didn't catch any trophies on the day... or stupid carp... I think we both left happy with the 3+ hours of fishing... and the fact that neither of us had heat stroke.

Time for an ice pop...


  1. Very nice. I had the same idea yesterday on the way home. But when I got to the stream about 20 kids were swimming. I hooked a 7 year old but she broke off.

    1. Probably for the best, I hear you can get arrested for catching a 7-year old.

  2. Philadelphia plus 90 - 100+ = Ugly. I still remember those mid-west summers. Out here in Nor Cal, we are about to be baked.


  3. Somebody tell that fat kid to stop eating flies! I took him fishing once and he was half way through my terrestrial box before I caught him...