June 20, 2012

Not Quite Tenkara Sasquatch

TV Angler Charlie Moore was recently caught on film running into Tenkara Sasquatch's somewhat confused cousin Spinnerbait Sasquatch.  A much shorter relative to his telescoping rod relative, Spinnerbait Sasquatches are unique in that they have a rare tolerance to obnoxious New England accents.  Either that, or they are deaf.


[ EDIT:  I removed the embedded video and it's damn annoying autoplay that I couldn't seem to remove.  Click on the image above to see the video on NESN.com. }


  1. I don't know if I should comment on this or not. OK, I won't.


  2. Just because I'm a friend...I will comment. That Squatch needs to do a better job with his nails...