June 11, 2012

Lots & Lots of Little Fish

Perhaps if you have kids...or have spent any amount of time over a friend or family member's house that has kids, you may have seen the "Lots & Lots of Jets and Planes" commercial.

Perhaps annoying at first, it actually becomes quite intoxicating.  I wish I had the delivery of that announcer.

Anyway, first night of the Florida family vacation visiting the in-laws, I snuck out back for about an hour to do some fishing in the backyard canal.  Nothing serious...just looking to wet a line.  There's usually panfish a plenty, and they didn't disappoint.

What struck me was their size, all on the smallish end of the spectrum.  Usually get into a few largish specimens, but no dinner plate fish here.  No big deal, because the action was relatively constant (when not picking out algae from my fly - damn you Florida summers).

I can just hear that commercial announcer now..."Lots & Lots of Little Fish"...heck, I'd buy that video.


  1. Replies
    1. Ugh...dang phone doesn't know how to spell cute!

  2. Even the little guys are fun on a fly rod.


  3. Looks like a productive backyard trip fish on!

  4. Very pretty little fish, we don't have this species here in the UK, bit of a shame!

  5. Little fishies must have been freaked out by dem big ole meat hooks T!

  6. Mike, the little panfish still produced what they were supposed to for the time you spent. Loads of fun!

  7. My kids were big into the "There goes a...." series. The "There goes a train" video was a particular favorite. I never saw the "There goes a drift boat" episode. It's a shame. Now I'm trying to convince the oldest he should go to college in Montana and be a fly fishing guide in the summer.