June 25, 2012

Jacksonville State of Mind

Might be a little quiet in these parts this week, we'll see...

Headed down to Jacksonville, Florida for work until Thursday night.  Not really sure what the "down time" will bring in either quantity or activity, but I do understand they have a fishing pier somewhat near where I'm staying.  Maybe I'll check that out or something after work if the weather's okay.

Luck has it that there's also a tropical storm in the Gulf right now and the forecast is calling for rain.  Lots of it.  Maybe that fishing pier will wait...


  1. When it rains down there, it RAINS, but it's warm rain if that helps.


  2. See, if you'd let someone know these things, I could have come down and brought the xbox 360 and we could have tag teamed Funcfish on some game no one likes. Or something like that. Or I could show you where the Hooters is on the river. But you probably already know. Just a guess.

  3. Isn't there a Buffet song of this same name?

  4. I grew up there, or at least got older . . . If you're staying near the beach try and make it down to Guana Dam. If you're in the city head over to Riverside near the Ortega area.