June 8, 2012

Friday Filler

How do I follow up yesterday's nonsense?  Simple answer, I don't have the ambition to.

I got too much stuff to do after work today and then tomorrow as the family prepares for a week long jaunt to Florida.  Luckily, no overgrown mice this time (to Lilly's dismay), just family time with the in-laws and a very brief midweek escape HERE.  That should be fun, even though I don't anticipate chasing down any 'poon.

By poon I meant tarpon...were you thinking something else?

One of the things I might think about/plot/plan/scheme while away drinking and laying on the beach is the whole "Southeastern PA...Mid-Atlantic...East Coast...whatever...Outdoor Blogger Summit" as suggested by a few in yesterday's comments.  That might actually be doable.  Maybe not Olivia Munn doable, but you know what I mean.  

There's gotta be casinos hotels not too far away that could probably host something like that...and pizza is relatively cheap.  I don't have any clue what we'd do at said summit, but it could be fun.  With all that, I've already false started on a Eastern Tenkara Summit a few times...so honestly, don't hold your breath if I'm the one steering this ship.

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Oh, and one more thing.  All you that got in on the sticker thing...envelopes are stuffed and heading out today.  Don't be scared when Mr. McFeely knocks on your door, he doesn't want to give you a backrub, it's only a sticker.  Thanks for the interest in rockin' the T!  As always, pics are appreciated once they're stuck.


  1. Say HI to the In-Laws. Might be something in the book they would be interested in like what Boca Raton Inlet used to look like.


  2. I was gonna complain about your bamboo comment yesterday, but I agreed fully with every other point. Now that I see we both appreciate Miss Munn, I have decided to completely overlook your wrong opinon ;-) Safe travels!

  3. A SEPA Blogger Event would be cool as well as an Eastern Tenkara Summit......let's make them happen!!