Bigger Than Anything You'll Catch This Weekend

Yeah, doesn't get much more badass than Brett Crawford.  300+ pound alligator gar.  Bowfishing gear.  Likely a tin of Skoal in t-shirt pocket.  

No forced perspective or overuse of HDR in this fish pic...

Photo courtesy Brett Crawford & T-Rex

"The two men used a rope attached to Jim's Polaris to drag the fish to the house. Even together the two men could not lift the fish. Jim offered a forklift from his garage, which was just the tool they needed to hang the catch for photos and to weigh it.
But their scale's 300-pound capacity was inadequate. The fish measured 8 feet 2 inches. And it bottomed out the scale in resounding fashion."

Full news article in Corpus Christi Caller.


  1. You forgot to mention it's a recurve bow, not compound. Also, with the badassness evident I'm thinking it's at least a can of Cope...Skoal is to chaw as pink is to color.

    1. Thanks Clif, good to know re: the Cope. Knowing this guy it's probably a tin of crushed glass.

  2. Beats the 2-footers in our oxbow that I used to throw young toads to in the spring.

  3. I like the part of the fight where the line gets wrapped around Brett's leg dragging him into the water. His dog grabs a hold of his pants to help Brett fight this beast. What a badass fish and what a badass angler for catching it in the style he did!

  4. Kick ass, take names kind of fish.


  5. Replies
    1. I'd like to say it went to feed an entire population of pygmies in Africa, but I doubt it did.

  6. That's why we should all carry a 12 gauge with us when we bowfish. I'm now unable to swim in my local waters...that was a huge fish.

  7. Is that Chuck Norris? What a beast of a fish!

  8. Who doesn't have a forklift in the garage, eh wot?

  9. Ha, this guy really thinks he's the shit. Can't be too hard popping something that big in the water with an arrow. We are trying to plant these back into our waters here in KY. I'm not impressed with this dude (putting on hat of indignation.)


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