May 16, 2012

The Look Of A Winner

Being born & raised in the Philadelphia area, the 76ers are my favorite basketball team.  As such, I'm rooting for them pretty avidly in this year's NBA Playoffs...but if/when they get bounced, my interests will immediately turn toward Russell Westbrook and the Oklahoma City Thunder, for no other reason than shirts like this in post game press conferences...

Zazzy Pop?

Want one for your summer BBQ?  Only $115 (ouch!) from the home of the alligator polo, Lacoste.  Or then again, try on an equally awesome shirt for size at a slightly lower price...


  1. The shirt has a certain style and I'm sure he can afford it at $115.00. I, on the other hand, will stick with solid color shirts.


  2. I get my best fishing shirts from Walmart... On clearance...
    I'm not sure what 7 6ers is... Might have drank that once in college...
    This kid looks funny... I don't think his fishing glasses are polarized...

  3. I saw this clip on Sportscenter and thought I was the only one who was thinking, "Weird, why does he have a shirt with poppers all over it?"

    If you google it, other hilarious articles pop up like, "Kobe says Westbrook 'wears weird sh*t all the time." and "Westbrook is officially an annoying hipster."