May 22, 2012

Gear Review - Revo Bearing Polarized Sunglasses

A while almost 3 months ago...a gentleman representing Revo offered me a pair of sunglasses to review.  Why?  Because I've got a bit of a past in doing such eyewear reviews such as THIS, THIS, and THIS...and even THIS.  However, a mix of cloudy weather and poor circumstances have largely kept these off my noggin, unable to provide the desired I'm sure he just thought I took the goodies and ran.

Revo Bearing Sunglasses - Black Ink/Graphite

Fortunately, these sunglasses recently hitched a ride to the Smokies to participate in the Owl Jones/Troutrageous EPIC fishing trip and got a bit of a workout, especially on Days 2 and 3.  So being a man of my word, here's that review Mr. Revo Dude, albeit a bit overdue.

The first thing I noticed when I opened the box is that these sunglasses are pretty solidly put together.  The frames and lenses are pretty much all fancy plastic, but it isn't cheap plastic in any way.  (I'm certain to be corrected by the manufacturer that the frames are nylon and the lenses I said...plastic).  As a matter of fact, the frames are actually "eco-friendly" according to the Revo website, so you can feel good about wearing them as you scarf down your tofu and granola parfait:
Eco-Use is a nylon frame material made in part from the seed of the castor bean plant. Not only is this material sustainable and more environmentally friendly, it is also exceptionally light and flexible. It’s the perfect complement to the superior optical performance of our Revo High Contrast Polarized lenses.
Other than that, the spring loaded hinges provide light tension and smoothly move how they are supposed to, there are some softish rubber nose pads to keep the glasses in place high on your nose, and they feel nice and light on your head.  Good deal...I'm diggin' them so far...

They even make a mossy rock look dapper

I have to admit, these lenses are pretty damn good...and that's really the most important thing, right?  They might be the best of the batch from the sunglasses I've reviewed to date.  The technical mumbo jumbo to describe these polycarbonate "Serilium" lenses makes for fantastic propaganda a good read...also lifted from the Revo website:
High Contrast Polarization™: Polarization like you’ve never experienced before.
Revo High Contrast Polarized lenses provide visual acuity on surfaces like open water and snow where sunlight can be harsh and reflection can distort vision. These lenses selectively filter the color bands that we are most sensitive to allowing the natural spectrum of color to come through vividly and clearly. The result is sharp color contrast and crystal clear vision. See the world that you’ve been missing.
What does that mean?  Well put on the sunglasses and it's a unicorn barfing a box of Lucky Charms...freakin' rainbows and and four leaf clovers everywhere.  Well, not really, but they do cut glare and even help you track extremely tiny micro-fish like this one as they rise to your dry fly from over 25 feet away.  I know the day I spot my first Sasquatch, I'll be wearing these Revos.

Look at the handsome sunglass-wearing ass holding the tiny fish

You know, not really.  The glasses are light, the lenses work good, the frames are largish so they block out more than their share of light.  I also intentionally threw dropped them on rocks a few times and they didn't break.  What else do you need?  Oh, I guess they won't get you a beer if you're thirsty, but that's what trained squirrels are for.  Duh.

Just make sure not to teach them to drink the beer.

Actually, other than the sunglasses, there weren't any.  With all of the other sunglasses I've reviewed, they usually came in retail packaging with either a hard or soft sided case, a lens cloth, and some sort of leash-type thing to keep them around your neck when not on your eyes.  I was kinda surprised, as I'm not sure if it was just because I received a review sample or something, but my sunglasses came caseless, only in a plain white drawstring pouch, that I suppose doubles as a cleaning cloth.  Not a big deal...but I obviously can't review or comment on those components (should they exist when purchased at retail).

If you want a pair of sunglasses, you should at least consider these, especially if you can't find the pair that Macho Man used to wear.  I won't tell you they are a "must have" simply because they're pricey ($189 MSRP) and I know not everyone wants to drop almost 2 bills on sunglasses.  Heck, I've reviewed 4 different pair of polarized sunglasses all at different price points and I wouldn't say any were "bad."

What I will say is that unless you're an total doof and lose your Revos in the stream and let them float away, these Bearings are well built and perform well, so you should definitely get a solid return on your investment over time.  Sleep well knowing you won't be wasting your hundred and eighty nine bucks...even if buying 47 bags of Cool Ranch Doritos could be interpreted by some as a better $189 purchase...but when is that not the case?

The Revo Bearing sunglasses tested in this product review were provided to me at no cost, but hold a retail value of $189 per the manufacturer's website. I currently hold no association with Revo whatsoever, and probably would not until they get one of their squirrel henchmen to bring me a cold PBR and a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos. As with all independent gear reviews at Troutrageous!, I try my best to keep my reviews honest and unbiased. If something is good, it deserves applause; if it sucks, I'll let you know that too. It ain't in my interest to steer you wrong, so why waste the time in doing so?


  1. acu·ity
    : keenness of perception

    1. ə-ˈkyü-ə-tē - you writing in Chinese now too?

  2. I really like the dark lenses, my eye's aren't like they used to be. The sun light really does bother them sometimes. Great review.

  3. Last pair of sunglasses I got set me back 3 bills (and the insurance company 2 bills), but that's what you get when you're old, blind, and want custom wrap around polarized sunglasses. One would think all the gold trim was real gold at that price. In fact, you'd think the whole damn sunglasses were gold.


  4. I must admit, I stopped by because of the Squirrel and the PBR, not the sunglasses review.

  5. Great review! I have been looking at sunglasses. This helps.