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Trout Time With The Cabela's C.G.R.

In the previous post I mentioned that I put the Cabela's C.G.R. 4-weight through the paces at the neighborhood pond the other night.  Well on Monday (Memorial Day), I took advantage of the relatively comfortable temperatures of the morning (okay, it was still 85 degrees in the shade) to take the rod out for some trout.

Fortunately, the creek I fish keeps relatively cool temperatures year round, although the water levels were really low on this day.  I was hoping the trout would cooperate in such hot weather.

I fished with the C.G.R for about 3 hours...and the rod is growing on me.  I changed the line from the prior and substituted a Rio Trout LT WF line.  While both lines were rated similarly, the Rio line casts much lighter than the "no-name" line I usually use with my L.L. Bean Broomstick Quest II.

It proved to be a good upgrade as the new line just "fit" the rod better and provided much more control.  I must say, roll casting was a far the easie…

Doesn't Take Much To Put A Bend In A Cabela's C.G.R.

Got out this past Sunday night for the first time since the trip to Georgia/North Carolina a few weeks back. It was a relatively short outing...just wanted to get in some work with a Cabela's CGR glass rod I bought some time ago, but never used other in the backyard.

Tell you what, only caught a few sunfish, but I can tell why you "glass geeks" are so enthusiastic about fiberglass rods...damn thing almost bent in half bringing in this guy, and as you can see, it's no brute.

Not sure if I'm a glass convert, but it is a fun way to fish. Sorta like tenkara in the way it makes even the small fish feel like pigs.  Luckily, I was able to bring in about a handful like this before it got dark so it made for a fun time.

Still need to do a bit of fine tuning on a line/leader combo for this 4-weight, as I was just borrowing the setup from my 3-weight L.L. Bean Quest II, which is a decidedly faster rod and needs a heavier line to help it "load."  That said, I thi…

Fracking? Enter Jack Donaghy

Yeah...the big guns are being brought out against hydrofracking on Saturday, June 2nd.  Look out gas companies, here comes Jack.

What they are in store for...

If only I lived closer to Syracuse...

The #odbloglove Proposition

No, I'm not talking about the new Odblo Gloves from Glacier Glove...

In reading this blog, you might have recognized that I like to give out the "blog love" in my posts pretty frequently.  What's blog love you might ask?  Simply put, it's the mention/promotion of another blog for an interesting post, or even more importantly, to simply provide little bit of exposure to a new blog, helping it gain a few more readers.

I received blog love back in the day from a fellow blogger, so I only feel it's right to return the favor now, especially since Troutrageous! has gained a somewhat delusional dedicated following.

While blog-on-blog promotion is great, I noticed on Twitter yesterday that the blog love hashtag (or #bloglove) is a very underutilized term within tweets.  Do a search, I dare ya - you'll get a few results, but nothing along the lines of #FF, #RT, or even #fishchat.  I started using it for a few posts yesterday and the response from the bloggers th…

Wednesday Nibbles - The First One Since February Edition

Hey look what's back...Wednesday Nibbles.  Yeah, the sh*t show that just won't go away is back once again, just like scabies on a hippie.  So what are we...we?...I mean what am I going to talk about today?  Probably nothing worth noting, but I missed writing these things, so here we go anyway...

So what's the deal with Michigan?  Has that damn state become the fly fishing epicenter of the universe or something?  Seems like every blog I read...and probably a few I don't...are all raving about Michigan fly fishing.  Fontinalis Rising, Pile Cast, TFM, Fishingpoet, The Freshwater Fly, just to name a few.  Steelhead, trout, carp, bass.  It's like nuts or something.

In 2013 I think a trip to Michigan in is order, because like Wisconsin, I've got Mitten Envy.  Anybody want to go with?  Buckeyes need not apply.

Speaking of Buckeyes, remember that short bus that took you to school back in the day?  Yeah, I know you do.  Well evidently fire trucks come in the same size.…

Gear Review - Revo Bearing Polarized Sunglasses

A while almost 3 months ago...a gentleman representing Revo offered me a pair of sunglasses to review.  Why?  Because I've got a bit of a past in doing such eyewear reviews such as THIS, THIS, and THIS...and even THIS.  However, a mix of cloudy weather and poor circumstances have largely kept these off my noggin, unable to provide the desired I'm sure he just thought I took the goodies and ran.

Fortunately, these sunglasses recently hitched a ride to the Smokies to participate in the Owl Jones/Troutrageous EPIC fishing trip and got a bit of a workout, especially on Days 2 and 3.  So being a man of my word, here's that review Mr. Revo Dude, albeit a bit overdue.

The first thing I noticed when I opened the box is that these sunglasses are pretty solidly put together.  The frames and lenses are pretty much all fancy plastic, but it isn't cheap plastic in any way.  (I'm certain to be corrected by the manufacturer that the frames…

Back Behind The Wheel

It's been a few days since the last post around here...and Russell Westbrook's shirt has received far too much play.  Unfortunately, last week's slowdown in blog posting was not due to an extended fishing weekend, but rather a weekend of work (with admittedly a little play) down in Charlotte, North Carolina.

This is just a post to get back in the groove a bit and set the table for a full week's worth of fishing-ish posts.  So what's in store for Troutrageous! readers leading into Memorial Day weekend?  How about a few overdue product reviews, perhaps some bad Photoshop, and yes, the return of Wednesday Nibbles.  Sound good?  Well, you know I don't really care what you think anyway.

Oh, and for those of you that don't do Instagram or Twitterand haven't been following along there, here are a few pictures of last weekend.  No rainbow trout, but lots of brightly colored cars.

The Look Of A Winner

Being born & raised in the Philadelphia area, the 76ers are my favorite basketball team.  As such, I'm rooting for them pretty avidly in this year's NBA Playoffs...but if/when they get bounced, my interests will immediately turn toward Russell Westbrook and the Oklahoma City Thunder, for no other reason than shirts like this in post game press conferences...

Want one for your summer BBQ?  Only $115 (ouch!) from the home of the alligator polo, Lacoste.  Or then again, try on an equally awesome shirt for size at a slightly lower price...

Oh, The Agony!

Yeah, time to fill out some paperwork thanks to an end of day in-stream stumble down in North Carolina.  Will this be considered abuse of warranty due to my own clumsiness?  Guess I'll find out.  At least I'm not lying by saying it just snapped hauling in a lunker mid-fight.
Say what you will about tenkara, but a least getting a replacement section only costs about $7 and can be acquiredwithout sending in your whole rod + $$$ + a TPS report.    
Appears the CGR will be inserted into the rotation for the time being...

Guest Post - The Top 5 Fly Fishing Apps

After my 3 post Smokies outburst, I needed a break from posting, so today, I present a guest post.

This post was forwarded to me by Steve Jacobs and I think it's pretty topical considering the prevalence of smartphones among anglers.  While I can't say I've personally used or endorse the apps mentioned, I figure if you've got fish on the brain like me, they're probably worth a download at some point.  Enjoy.

Top 5 Fly Fishing Apps

As a fly fishing enthusiast I never thought the Internet would weasel its way into my love affair with the great outdoors and the thrill of the fish hitting the fly. I must say however that after years of fighting against technology and progress, I have been seduced. I confess my fly fishing obsession has been enhanced by numerous apps.

Today I am going to highlight just five of the many apps that I have found to be very helpful and enjoyable. Some tend to be geared more for tech…

Fly Fishing The Smokies With Owl Jones - The Finale On The Nantahala

Part 3 of a 3 Part Series. (Part 1 HERE, Part 2 HERE)

After a day of dawn to dusk fishing, it felt good to sleep in a little bit on Sunday morning.

Unfortunately, we wouldn't be sleeping too long, as the Nantahala and her trout were calling.  Camp broke down and packed up very quickly, and before you knew it, Milliam had everything loaded into the bed of his truck (I bet that guy is good a jigsaw puzzles) and we were ready to go.
Before we were able to escape, two representatives from the Children of Elias did stop over to thank us for the use of the lighter the prior morning.  Actually the one-sided converstation went something like this...
"Thank you a-gain for the ligh-ter... we brought you some coo-kies... and a pray-er card... E-li-as loves you..."
(Okay I made up that last part about Elias).

Being a nice gesture, Owl thanked them and they walked off...only to return no more than 5 minutes later.

Fly Fishing The Smokies With Owl Jones - The Meat Grinder, 28 Step, & A Really Long Blog Post

Part 2 of a 3 Part Series.  (Part 1 HERE)

Most alarm clocks either play music or buzz.  On day two of the trip, our alarm was neither.

"E-li-as...E-li-as...? Oh, sor-ry, you are not with our group. Do you happen to have mat-ches or A ligh-ter?"
Yeah, our alarm was one of the friendly cult members knocking on the tent flap looking for fire.  I suppose in all their fun the night before they were ill-prepared for the morning's brainwashing breakfast.  And they really spoke funny, putting awkward pauses where they didn't belong in the syllables of words...

It was probably okay that they woke us up anyway, we had a full day of fishing in front of us.  Two stops were on the agenda - both in search of wild brook trout.  First "The Meat Grinder," second "28 Step," which are code names for not-so-secret streams, but as a guest, I'm not one to reveal their identities.

After a little ride…