April 15, 2012

Guest Post - Gone Fishing: Top 4 Tropical Fishing Destinations

Time for another guest post not of my doing.  Like all guest posts around here, I didn't write this, so if you see something that doesn't look right...well...I don't want to hear it.  Let's face it, I'm pretty liberal with guest posting opportunities...even if they are about improving page rank or the like.

This post was forwarded to me by Jessica S., and I enjoy being able to click "copy," then "paste," and take the day off...  The vacation from blogging makes it convenient about daydreaming about real life vacations...which ties into this post quite well.  Enjoy.


Gone Fishing: Top 4 Tropical Fishing Destinations

Today’s workplace is no longer confined to an office or a cubicle: with email, smartphones and social media, it’s nearly impossible to get away from it all, even for a few moments of each day. But if you have a chance to take a real vacation, an island fishing trip could be the perfect escape: whether you’re a novice or an expert fisherman, you could try new ways to fish and add a record-breaking tarpon or bonefish to your catch list while you and your companion enjoy lush tropical surroundings, miles of sandy beaches and incredible sunsets.

Getting Ready for the Trip

First, you’ll need to renew or obtain a passport and visa, if necessary. Visit your doctor for any required vaccinations and arrange for travel insurance from Atlas Insurance or another provider to cover any medical emergencies, evacuations and other unlikely events that you may encounter when traveling abroad.


Seychelles, a small group of islands near the east coast of Africa, is considered one of today's hottest tropical fishing spots and is a favorite destination of salt-water fly fishermen. Try your hand at bonefishing in the waters surrounding Alphonse Island -- the flats there are also home to permit, barracuda, trevally and grouper. Spend an afternoon surf-casting for feisty pacific bonito and dog-tooth tuna. Take advantage of deep-sea fishing charters for your chance to catch a sailfish, rainbow runner or wahoo.

The Bahamas

Game-fishing at its best is also available closer to home. While there are over 700 islands in the Bahamas, Andros, Long, Grand and Abaco Islands are famous for flats teeming with bonefish, permit and tarpon. Challenge the wily bonefish in the cays, flats and shaded creeks on the north shore of Grand Bahama Island. Fish from flat-bottomed boats or experience the thrill of casting while wading on the flats. Head out to sea on an evening charter for tuna, sailfish, marlin and dorado.


Perched on the coast of the Caribbean just below Mexico, Belize offers pristine beaches and extensive flats rich in tarpon weighing as much as 100 pounds (the average size in the summer) and bonefish in the 10-pound range. Fish the reefs at Ambergris Cay where grouper, jack, barracuda, wahoo and mackerel are abundant. Go for a Grand Slam of permit, bonefish and tarpon on the same day or a Super Grand Slam by adding a snook in this fly-fisherman's paradise.

What to Bring

Your #8 rod for bonefish action and a sturdier rod for bigger game should cover most fishing plans. A favorite rod and reel can easily be transported on your flight or shipped ahead. When you make your reservations, ask about the flies, lures and other tackle that are working for this season's fishing and pack extras. Bring several changes of light-weight clothes, swim gear and a ventilated rain jacket. Don't forget your sun block, sunglasses, fishing hat and vest. If you wear corrective lenses or prescription eyeglasses, bring spares.

What to Do

Each of these locations offers much more than fishing (as if that's not enough!) to keep your non-fishing companions happy; you can snorkel and scuba dive in the warm, clear blue waters where they can swim alongside tropical fish and explore the reefs and ocean floor, horseback riding along miles of open beaches, and luxuriating poolside in a resort or spa.

Getting away from it all for a few days could do wonders for you and you’ll return back to the grind of everyday life feeling refreshed and ready to go.


Jessica is interested in traveling and spending time outdoors. She enjoys spending her time fishing and being out on the water

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