April 19, 2012

Awww Damn, Snakehead in Philly

I'm slow on the uptake sometimes, but looks like a few weeks ago a snakehead was found in Philadelphia...the John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge in Tinicum to be exact...which for those of you not local, that's the swamp around the airport.

C'mon PFBC, make like Maryland and put a bounty on these fuckers.  Because once you do, I'm donning sunglasses & hair product, hopping in the Suburban with Duane Lee, Baby Lisa, and my paintball gun, and we're gonna bring a bag full of those bad boys in, drop 'em in a box, and air mail them back to where they belong, care of Lunker Hunt.


  1. Where is Mizlan (Dark Art Caster Blog) when you need him? We've got them out here too. Brought in for their special medical properties and then released into local ponds.

    Take a look: http://angeles.sierraclub.org/news/ss_2004-11/snakehead.asp

    It's ugly......


  2. But I understand they taste like chicken!

  3. I believe they're also in FDR park which i guess is linked to that swamp via the delaware....

  4. Funny you post about these damn snakeheads! I am making signs this week for DNREC to post because they are present in our waters. It's the first sign in 20 years I've seen DNREC post about a fish that reads "Remove and Kill if caught" hahah

  5. Maryland law requires anyone to kill any and every snakehead that enters your possession.

    Day late and a dollar short. They eat bass fry and bass eggs. It's going to be the largemouth of the 21st century, unfortunately.

    Get used to fishing with rubber frogs!

  6. I must catch one for sport... I must then bite its head off... For Ozzy...

    Sucks but at least it's not those dang filter feeding carp.

    Anglers at marsh Creek lake talk the same way about Muskie but since they've been stocked the quality and quantity of bass have improved. (based on PA fish and boat study)

    Sad thing is rednecks are going to eraticate bowfin in an effort to collect their snakehead bounty since they look similar...

    That being said, I may try to schedule a trip just to hunt snakehead...

  7. FF, the bowfin is one of the most ancient fish still alive in the world, at 100 million years old. It will probably survive a few years of snakehead campaigns...but yes, undoubtedly, some will accidentally get killed as "snakeheads." Either VA or MD has a "bowfin vs. snakehead" printout you can put in your tacklebox.

  8. If I caught that I'd have to go home and change my shorts! Scary lookin!