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The Secret To Tenkara's Fish Catching Superiority

Image this is super duper top secret stuff...but I'm going to show you what makes tenkara 1000% times more effective than any other method of fishing.  Yeah, us goofballs with the telescoping graphite rods aren't lying when we annoyingly boast about tenkara's fish catching superiority.

A few months ago, a tenkara guide I won't mention by name once almost spilled the beans regarding this secret in a popular forum...and then had to cover his tracks quite hastily with some sort of "certification" excuse.  That's why us tenkararians are encouraged to throw people off the scent by spreading the fabricated sakasa kebari "one fly" mythology around in liberal quantities.

See this is something we really aren't supposed to let get out - or at least without risking severe bodily harm by ninja attack - but Lilly's been taking karate classes for a month or two, so I think she can hold them off while I flee the scene.

So anyway, here's the d…

In Case You Haven't Heard, I'm Headed South

To date I really haven't really acknowledged here the fact that I'm headed down to Georgia in a little over a week to go fishing in the Smokies with Owl Jones.  No, it's not that I'm ashamed or embarrassed by this fact, rather, he's done more than an adequate job speaking for the both of us over at this evidenced HERE, HERE, HERE, & HERE.  I mean he's even got a countdown clock on his blog.  That's not creepy at all, right?

So since Owl is preparing me for this trip via his "Open Letters" series, I figured I'd prepare him what to expect as well.  It's not necessarily in letter form, but some things he should probably know.  I mean it's the least I can do...
While I've never fished down South, I've been below the Mason-Dixon line more than a few times for work.  Memphis, Louisville, Charleston, Charlotte, Atlanta, Jacksonville, etc...  
I'm …

2012 Stony Creek Anglers Trout Tournament

Holy's Stony Creek Anglers Trout Tournament week!  Yup, time for my annual commercial.

No, I don't fish in it...I work it as a member of the club, and boy should it be an interesting tournament this year.  Why, you might ask?  Because the old dam (and the super deep holes) that everyone used to congregate around were removed by the State since last year's tourney.

That means different fishing holes to find up and down the creek, and possibly trickier fish to catch.  Either way, it's usually a great time for young and old, and I'm pumped that we finally got some rain this past weekend to make it a possibility.  Fish can't swim without water if you know what I mean.

Even if fishing for stockies in an environment like this isn't your thing (and honestly, it isn't mine), the tournament serves as themajor fundraiser for our club each year.  As a cooperative trout nursery for the State of Pennsylvania, we have to foot the bill for pretty much ever…

What Lack Of Fishing Does To Me

Without any inspiration from any recent fishing trips, I didn't really feel like writing anything last night, so I started another stupid blog.  Emphasis on stupid.  I don't intend on keeping it up, but heck, you never know...

Awww Damn, Snakehead in Philly

I'm slow on the uptake sometimes, but looks like a few weeks ago a snakehead was found in Philadelphia...the John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge in Tinicum to be exact...which for those of you not local, that's the swamp around the airport.

C'mon PFBC, make like Maryland and put a bounty on these fuckers.  Because once you do, I'm donning sunglasses & hair product, hopping in the Suburban with Duane Lee, Baby Lisa, and my paintball gun, and we're gonna bring a bag full of those bad boys in, drop 'em in a box, and air mail them back to where they belong, care of Lunker Hunt.

The Secret To A Popular Pinterest Pin

Like a few months ago or something I wrote a post about my experience infiltrating estrogen-heavy Pinterest. For the unfamiliar, it's basically the social media equivalent of "The View," just without that chick from Survivor.  (I can't believe either show is still on the air BTW)

Anyway, much like Google+, I haven't been back to Pinterest all that often since, but I will "pin" a picture every now and then just for shits & giggles.

Most of the time, said pins never really generate much user feedback in the form of likes, comments, or re-pins.  I maybe get someone to be brave enough to do one of the three, but never all of them, much less multiples of all of them...until the other day.  It probably has to do with the fact that I mostly post obscure things like old Nike sneakers and Ric Flair, but whatever...
But I think I've finally cracked the code.   Today I unveil to you the secret of a wildly (by my standards) popular Pinterest pin...
Post a p…

Damn I've Been Quiet

So no post since last Thursday.  Yeah, I just didn't feel like writing anything.  I also haven't done any fishing lately either...we haven't had a good rain in these parts for weeks and the water levels are extremely low.  Too low for mid-April if you ask me, but what you gonna do?

Well, I'll tell you what I did instead of fishing (or blogging)...  
I bought a new tenkara rod.  Because nothing compensates for not fishing better than buying more fishing stuff.

I power washed bird crap off my roof.  They live behind my shutters.  Good work outta them.
Speaking of bird crap I watched that hockey team in Pittsburgh act like donkeys and pretty much suck hard for 3 games.
I ate 3 Taco Bell Doritos Locos Taco Supremes.  I should have ordered 12.

I schemed a fishing trip to a new and exotic location in the beginning of May.  
I took the dog for a walk in the park.  He tried to take a leak every 10 feet.

I got recruited for a top secret fishing trip on the side while out in Uta…

Guest Post - Gone Fishing: Top 4 Tropical Fishing Destinations

Time for another guest post not of my doing.  Like all guest posts around here, I didn't write this, so if you see something that doesn't look right...well...I don't want to hear it.  Let's face it, I'm pretty liberal with guest posting opportunities...even if they are about improving page rank or the like.

This post was forwarded to me by Jessica S., and I enjoy being able to click "copy," then "paste," and take the day off...  The vacation from blogging makes it convenient about daydreaming about real life vacations...which ties into this post quite well.  Enjoy.


Gone Fishing: Top 4 Tropical Fishing Destinations

Today’s workplace is no longer confined to an office or a cubicle: with email, smartphones and social media, it’s nearly impossible to get away from it all, even for a few moments of each day. But if you have a chance to take a real vacation, an island fishing trip could be t…

So Where's Our Reality Show?

I have to admit it.  I'm hooked on reality TV.  No, not Jersey Shore or Big Brother or crap like that, but rather the shows that are on Discovery, TLC, A&E, History, Animal Planet, etc... (half those channels are pretty much the same thing anyway).

Yeah, if you haven't noticed, I love me some fine "unscripted" programming like American Pickers, Pawn Stars, Storage Wars, Hoarders, Swamp People, Finding Bigfoot, Deadliest Catch, and so on and so on.  Truthfully, I never watch these shows in real time, rather in weekend marathon installments.  They're much more palatable and addictive that way.

Anyway, it sorta got me thinking....where is OUR show?  And by "our" I mean the world of fishing...or whatever you'd call it.  I mean all these networks really do is put the word "American" in front of anything, and BAM!, you've evidently got a show.  (American Pickers, American Guns, American Restoration, American Chopper, etc, etc...)  Where&…

We Goin' Sizzler

That is if Sizzler = Salt Lake City.

Finally booked my flight for the 2012 Tenkara Summit last night for the mere fee of $35 + 60,000 US Airways miles...(I knew all that business travel would come in handy someday).

Actually pretty psyched to go fish somewhere west

Charles Cotton Lived Here

Okay, not really.

But I bet he slept off a few wild nights (& more than his share of Old E) on the River Dove inside.

For the right price you can visit...but you ain't getting in unless you know the secret word...

Wanna take a guess, give it a try in the comments below...

A True Troutmobile

Wonder if there's a TFM sticker in the rear window of this trout-inspired car...

"The Mercedes Benz SLK Aphelios Car was inspired by Ohrid trout, an endemic species in Lake Ohrid, Macedonia. Apostol Tnokovski designed this concept vehicle as part of Macedonian Mercedes Design Contest. It’s a futuristic sports car with fluid body design to give you any sense of power and speed in visually stunning vehicle layout."
For more pics & design jibber-jabber, click HERE.

Happy Birthday...

Image a rad wife and mother...

...and a most excellent partner in crime.

I love you K.C.

I Have Lost All Faith In Trout Unlimited

Yeah, I have some serious issues with Trout Unlimited right now.  I actually may consider rescinding my membership because those spinsters at TU are clearly misguided, to the point where they are openly lying to their members via print media.

See, in the Spring issue of TROUT Magazine, there was a little article about blogs written by an author I choose not to mention by name (for his own safety).  Within the article, there is an inset; "Ten Fly-Fishing Blogs You Should Check Out."

The list contains the all the usual suspects, like top notch and well-respected blogs like Subterranean Trout, Choldy Mum, and The Fiberglass Book Report, etc, etc...  but then smack in the middle happened to be this crappy blog.  Believe me, I could not make up a such a work of fiction, even if I wanted to.

Now while I'm used to Troutrageous! being honored by the prestigious academic community - Ivy League institutions such as the Sports Medicine Schoolsand Zen Colleges come immediately to m…

Opening Day 2012

To be honest, heading into Saturday's rite of Spring, I anticipated somewhat of a letdown.  I was fishing solo on Opening Day this year, an unfortunate development documented a few posts ago.

With no partners in crime this year, I rolled up to our usual spot a little after 6:30 AM.  There were only two other Powerbait bombers anglers there at the time, so I was able to settle in on a nice little "island" of land, all to myself.

Once 8:00 AM (and about 6 or 7 others) finally came around, the fishing itself wasn't bad, I ended up catching my limit + 2...although it did take a bit longer for whatever the reason.  The past two years I've hit my limit in 15, maybe 20 minutes.  Hungry & confused stockies tend to toss aside all inhibition when presented with a gold spinner.  However this year it took about an hour.  Either the bite was just slow, or not quite as many fish were dumped in "the hole" as years past.
In any event, I unfortunately don't have…

April SOTM Entry: Patagonia Brute

Argentine angler Vincent McGrew landed this hawg of a brown on a top secret Patagonian fly pattern. McGrew, a new tenkara angler, said the tackle handled the fight expertly.

Say Yes To Pebble Mine!

Screw salmon, and wildlife, and other eco-friendly stuff.  You don't eat those for breakfast.  Time to dig up Bristol Bay.  Say yes to Pebble Mine; a morning without Fruity goodness is not worth living.

LINK (Via: Bam Bam)

Sunday Toona - Sting...I Mean Gotye?

It's a fish tank.  It's parrot fish.  It's that Gotye song I instantly fall asleep listening to.  It also sounds a lot like Sting...but he's too tantric to believe in subtitles.

The Crayon Stylings of Juan Pablo Crayolo

Fine artist Juan Pablo Crayolo recently took up both fly fishing and coloring.  It's amazing when two classics collide. This confirms the Chum will post just about any piece of art as long as it has a fish in it.

LINK(Via: Fish News Daily)

Friday Pin Up - Your Mom Edition

Check out the curves...on that Rascal.