March 3, 2012

The Sound of Silence

As you might have noticed, the blog has been rather silent the past week, as has its Facebook & Twitter counterparts.  It's always quiet on Google+ so no real changes there.

I was curious what I'd find if I didn't write anything for a week.
I don't take much stock in numbers, but I thought it might be a fun exercise.

This is what I found.
  • Website traffic decreased 40% in total when compared to the average of the prior 3 weeks
  • Troutrageous! picked up 5 new Facebook fans but only 2 Twitter followers.
  • 3 people started following my Pinterest boards
  •  My Klout score went up (?) from 44.47 to 45.07, peaking at 45.12
  • 3 emails offering to write "Guest Posts"
  • 1 advertising request - I hope their PayPal account has lots of 0s in it.

I also found this gem on eBay (courtesy of my wife).

Looks like a big win to me.


  1. Too Cute. Is his paw stuck in the hook? Bait Squirrel. I'd say the rod tip broke and he escaped temporarily, long enough to grab his hat, before heading to the taxidermist.

  2. You may have been gone for a week, but when you come back with a fishing squirrel, all bets are off! You my friend are genius!

  3. The squirrel obviously kept the bottom from falling out of your numbers.

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  5. I know what you mean, my two blogs are quiet and even my forum is the same. Just a few of the regulars are posting but I hope it picks up soon.

  6. Great squirrel! Great for decor and fly tying materials in a pinch.

  7. i'll write the shit out of a guest post. get someone to donate me a tenkara rod. it'll be hilarious.

    what's left of it can be donated in a charity raffle.

  8. Mike,

    If you never write again you'll be rich AND famous!


  9. Michael
    Only you could come up with a fishing squirrel. Active blogging means big traffic ----why didn't I think of that???

  10. Wow! do they have any more? Welcome back.


  11. Nice factoids. It's amazing that you don't have to do a thing and you still pick up new peeps! And you now have "guest" writers to give you another few days off! All is well.