Holy Crap...Lilly's 6!!!

There are some days that define a man.  A day which you face adversity like none other, when you are forced to harness all you have learned, and earn the title of Dad.  The adversity in overseeing 16 sugar-fueled, token crazed, screaming kindergarteners at a Chuck E. Cheese birthday party makes for one of those days.

Actually, the day and party largely went off without a hitch.  This past Sunday, we celebrated Lilly's 6th birthday, something she had been looking forward to all year, despite her phobia of costumed "mascots."  Judging by the smiles on the faces of her and her friends, I think this party will be remembered for quite some time.  

Pre-party birthday gift from Mom-Mom (Angry Birds hoody blanket)
Roller coaster simulator ride
Puppy & flower cupcakes
Blowing out the candles
I think receiving the birthday medallion was the highlight of her day
A party well done.

Happy Birthday Lilly!  
Love Dad.


  1. Happy Birthday Lilly! You're my favorite internet celebrity by a landslide! Just a few more years, and you'll be askin' ole Dad for the keys to the Ferrari. They grow up amazingly fast, don't they T-rage...

  2. One thing for sure...your little princess is a happy girl! Glad she had such a great day. And that Angry Bird doesn't look too angry.... = )

  3. Happy birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday Lilly! My little one just turned 6 at the end of Jan and is already talking about next year's party. I wish they wouldn't rush things. You kinda want them to always stay little.

  5. Well done Dad. Happy 6th Lilly.


  6. Happy Birthday Lilly
    I sure wish I had one of those Cupcakes.

  7. Happy Birthday Lilly. Mike they get big fast, too fast.

  8. Happy Birthday Lilly! Looks like a great party and that cupcake tower, Very cool!

    Happy Special day to you too Dad & Mom ~

  9. Lilly thanks everyone for the birthday wishes!

    1. And Dad thanks everyone for stopping by and looking at actually looking at the pics!


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