March 27, 2012

Berkley® Trout Dough Rod Sighting!

In case you didn't check my post last Friday, the Berkley Trout Dough Series Spinning Rod has become the official unofficial non-fly rod of Troutrageous! for no other reason than it's goofy name.

Well, faithful reader (and author of Average Outdoors) Steven Smith tracked down one of these elusive beasts in what looks like a Dick's Sporting Goods and sent me this grip n' grin via the magic little Twitter bird.

Should anyone else find this toad (the rod, not Steven) in their local sporting goods store, please feel free to snap a picture and send it on always, the goofier the picture the better!


  1. You are correct in the assumption that its a Dicks Sporting Goods. I actually had to wait to hold it....there were a few dudes with about eight jars of powerbait really giving it the once over.....

  2. Hey, you notice the Float Tube Cumberland behind Steve? I'll be interested in finding out if the rod works any better than a regular one.


  3. Should have seen the stands of them at ICAST. It was like a green tornado.