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Gear Review - Chasing Wild Trout, An Arizona Wanderings e-Book by Ben Smith

Ben Smith, author of one of my favorite blogs, Arizona Wanderings, has gotten pretty entrepreneurial over the past year or so.  Starting first with selling some of his more popular flies, he's also branched out into logo merchandise, and most recently, e-Books.

A little while back he wrote his first Arizona Wanderings book about Hunting Gambel's Quail.  I don't know who Gambel is, or why one would want to shoot his quail, but it evidently must have sold well enough for Ben to write another book, this time about how to pursue wild trout.

Over the weekend, I was fortunate to receive a preview copy of Chasing Wild Trout - A Beginner's Guide to Fly Fishing Small Streams.  Eager to read and review it, this post contains an overview as well as my two cents.

Chasing Wild Trout essentially serves as a primer to anyone interested in the gear, tactics, and techniques of fishing small streams for trout.  It's also a pretty solid introduction to the sport for the totally novi…

A Reel Fix

Since this week's posts have been tenkara heavy, here are some reels to sort of balance things out.

Okay, I feel better now.

Berkley® Trout Dough Rod Sighting!

In case you didn't check my post last Friday, the Berkley Trout Dough Series Spinning Rod has become the official unofficial non-fly rod of Troutrageous! for no other reason than it's goofy name.

Well, faithful reader (and author of Average Outdoors) Steven Smith tracked down one of these elusive beasts in what looks like a Dick's Sporting Goods and sent me this grip n' grin via the magic little Twitter bird.

Should anyone else find this toad (the rod, not Steven) in their local sporting goods store, please feel free to snap a picture and send it on always, the goofier the picture the better!

Tenkara Tuesday - "Tenkara Japan"

Welcome to Tenkara Tuesday.

I was recently invited to join a Facebook group called "Tenkara Japan" by Tatsurou Okaniwa, an experienced tenkara angler, and founder of and the "Tenkaraman" videos on YouTube.

(Check out the "Release Net" used in this video, there's no bag, it's more like a platform)

While we're all just a bunch of folks chasing fish, I have a feeling that this is going to become a pretty neat place to visit from time to time (much like the Tenkara-Fisher forum, which I'll admit I've been shamefully silent on as of late).

The language barrier has already created some interesting conversations...but despite that, the sharing has been pretty special.  I mean check out this fly, it's got a pretty unique tube body, something I'm not sure I've seen replicated on a tenkara fly in the States yet, even with all of the talented tiers out there.

What's next?  Beats me, but as the group grows, it'll su…

Tying My "Secret Weapon" Tenkara Kebari Fly

So...since I get a lot of emails from the tenkara-curious asking me what sort of flies I use when going tenkara fishing, I figured I'd show you...and heck, even give you the recipe, should you feel industrious and decide that you absolutely must tie some yourself.

Before I get into the meat & potatoes of this post, I'm gonna be honest. Nine times outta ten, I don't use those fancy-pants reverse-hackle kebari flies you see all the tenkara websites singing gospel about.  Nope, I'm evil and as such shunned by the tenkara Gods in the sky.  Instead, I practice the time-honored tradition of dirty nymphing, using any sort of #16 & #18 nymph I can get a hold of.  Prince, Copper John, Zebra Midge, whatever...
But that's probably not what you want to see here.  Especially if you're a Tenkaraian... ummmm...Tenkaraite? Ninja.  Plus, there's like a bajillion websites and videos on how to tie those standard flies.  So instead, and to also make YO…

Berkley® Trout Dough Series Spinning Rod

Was paging through a Cabela's catalog that showed up in the mail the other day and stumbled across this very unique, and might I call, specialty fishing rod.

Yeah, the Berkley Trout Dough Series Spinning Rod.  Trout Dough rod?  Let's examine...

Now I'm not in the market for a new spinning rod (I still happen to have a very sweet spot for my BPS Micro-Lite), but this really piqued my, because I haven't fished with trout dough (aka PowerBait) for probably 5 or 6 years, and two, because I wonder if having "TROUT DOUGH" slapped on your rod in big gold-trimmed letters really makes it more appealing?
Here's the skinny on the rod, happily lifted from the Berkley website.
Actions engineered specifically to cast dough further and with more accuracy without losing your bait. Each rod is designed to provide you with enough light-line, head turning power to help you catch more fish. Cork Split grip handle construction helps to reduce overall weight. Uni-d…

Shit In Valley Creek

Yesterday Brought Bad News

Yesterday sucked some really stank ass.  Ooooh, I cursed...sue me Carla DeKalb.

About anything that could have gone wrong at work did go wrong.  Later I arrived home and was greeted with an extended dinner drama with the kid.  Since chicken nuggets were not on her plate, she didn't want to eat her food, which resulted in some removal of privileges. (I hate it when I actually have to be a parent and make my kid cry).  Worst off...which may be more grim than death or dismemberment...I learned that I would be fishing solo on Opening Day for the first time in years.

Sure, Opening Day isn't everyone's cup of tea.  Purely ceremonial, it's a shoulder-to-shoulder, stupid stockie, battle fishing cliche, but I still enjoy it because I generally get to hang out with some of my oldest friends and just be idiots for a few hours.  We take sick pride in getting there early, spreading out, claiming wide swaths of land, and mocking pretty much everyone around us that clearly doesn'…

Sneaking In A Fishing Trip

Stole two and a half hours of fishing time yesterday in what was otherwise a pretty busy weekend.    
The weather was nice, so there were a lot of people enjoying the park and creek.  While gearing up I had the pleasure of witnessing two Park Rangers escorting a couple back to their SUV, asking them to produce a driver's license, and writing up some sort of "ticket" for not keeping their dogs on a leash.
The "wife" was going apeshit screaming lawsuit.  I dunno what was going on...but it was one of those trainwrecks you can't help but blatantly watch.  I was hoping to see a taser gun pulled.
As for the fishing, I caught two, sadly lost one after an acrobatic 3 foot jump in the air, and failed to set the hook on maybe 3 solid strikes.  Tenkara USA 11' Iwana paired with 3.0m yellow Masterline & assorted #16 nymphs were the meal ticket.  Only one picture, and it turned out crappy, so I added a bunch of stupid filters to it to hide some of the flaws.  Ye…

The Blogroll Quarantine

As many of you know, I've got a ridiculously

I'm very liberal with inclusion in my blogroll, pretty much if you send me cash have a fishing blog that I've read more than once, you end up in there.  The only "rule" I guess I have is what I call the "3 Month Rule."  I'm not a very complex person, so the concept is pretty simple.  
If you haven't written a post in more than 3 months, you're outta the blogroll
Now, since the Trout Underground blogroll no longer exists (thanks to Owl Jones), I do realize that inclusion in the Troutrageous! blogroll is probably the crowning achievement of all of you fellow blogger's online existences.  Well, other than scoring over 100 points on an unpronounceable word in Words With Friends.
So rather than outright blogroll deletion, I've created what I've called the "Blogroll Quarantine," a place were these tardy bloggers can reside until they throw up that token post t…

Sh*t's Going Down On The 24th

There are two trouty things locally that are worth know...if you're local...and you're into trouty things.

The first is the Great Swamp Fish & Game 7th Annual Pre-Season Trout Derby...

With Pennsylvania approved trout water closed for the month of March to allow for pre-season stockings, this is one of the few opportunties to get out this month and chase some fish.  Plus, stockies are stupid and to be blunt, this is easy pickin's.  I'm not one for derbies, but Great Swamp is a friend of my trout club, and they run a top notch event.  Even if you're not fishing, it's a great excuse to get the kids outdoors!

Speaking of which...

My trout club, the Stony Creek Anglers will be hosting the 26th Annual Stony Creek Cleanup the same weekend...

Yeah, we pick up a ton of trash from Stony & Kepner Creeks, and to be honest, it's just a really fun time.  It's amazing the stuff you can pull out of an urban of the big ticket it…

Beware - The eFishing Age Is Quickly Approaching

Oh snap!  The secret weapon to catching fish is here...are you all ready to go all iPhone app and digital camera up on some bass?  Well, then this is for you!

There's so much technology here, I've not no freakin' idea what's going on, but I do know that you clearly need one.  All the cool kids on the iPhone fishing team will have one.

I mean, it even transfers your real time data to social networks...holy crap...or is it holy carp...why waste your time letting everyone know where you got an oil change on Foursquare...when you can turn that time into productively becoming the Mayor of Electronic Lureville!

Make George Jetson proud and "Kickstart" yourself into the futuristic age of smartphone fishing HERE.

Fishing, F3T, & Func Fish

This past Saturday was pretty damn fun.  It was the day the Fly Fishing Film Tour (F3T) came through the Philadelphia area, and I was to attend with a small posse of anglers, following an afternoon of fishing on Valley Creek, where I was supposed to play "guide."

Well, the posse never quite came together as planned, but Matt (aka Func Fish) & I decided to make the best of it.  Fishing would be first.

We arrived at Valley Creek around 1 or 1:30 PM.  It was a  bit chilly, but the sun was out so it was pretty tolerable weather.  I took Matt down to a spot I had done well with the prior week and gave him first shot at the water while I rigged up.

Bang.  First cast, trout on.  Maybe I'll earn that guide card after all...he claims it's his 4-LED powered "lucky" fly fishing cap.

From there the fishing was pretty average for Valley.  I caught 3 and lost three.  Here are pics of two.

Here's a random pic of Matt nymphing the covered bridge.

Matt didn't m…

Guest Post - Landing a Steelhead in One of Lake Ontario’s Tributaries

I didn't write today's post.  Considering it's about Lake Ontario Steelhead, that probably doesn't shock you, despite the fact that I do own an underused NY state fishing license.

Larry Chandler is the author who did approach me the other week to write this post...and although he's not that "underground trout" Chandler guy, it's still a very nice piece, clearly much better than I could have written if I tried.  Plus since I don't typically write about steelhead, it should be good fodder for all those Googlie-Mooglie search engines.

So enjoy the read, on what is hopefully a nice, lazy Saturday for everyone.

Landing a Steelhead in One of Lake Ontario’s Tributaries

If you have been lucky enough to fish the Lake Ontario area of New York you are likely aware of the excellent steelhead fishing. The state of New York has invested time, money and effort in stocking these b…

Thank You For Your Cooperation

Last Saturday was one of those days on the water.  No, it was not the typical day of finicky small stream trout frustration, yielding only a few takes and even fewer landed.  Rather, the weather was warm, the fish were frisky (and hungry), and good karma came my way.

There were more...but I'm sure you're tired of looking at my hand by now.

Holy Crap...Lilly's 6!!!

There are some days that define a man.  A day which you face adversity like none other, when you are forced to harness all you have learned, and earn the title of Dad.  The adversity in overseeing 16 sugar-fueled, token crazed, screaming kindergarteners at a Chuck E. Cheese birthday party makes for one of those days.
Actually, the day and party largely went off without a hitch.  This past Sunday, we celebrated Lilly's 6th birthday, something she had been looking forward to all year, despite her phobia of costumed "mascots."  Judging by the smiles on the faces of her and her friends, I think this party will be remembered for quite some time.  

Happy Birthday Lilly!   Love Dad.