February 22, 2012

Wednesday Nibbles - Keeping Up With The Blogs Edition

Wednesday.  Nibbles.  Going to keep it very blog-centric this week, 'cuz there's lot's going on in the world of fishing blogs.  Okay?  Let's go!

To start, who had a better weekend than Matt, aka Functioning Fishaholics (or Func Fish)?  Seriously.

First off, he goes to the local outdoors show and gets interviewed about Twitter...I think.  I was somewhat distracted by the doofus interviewer continuing to emphasize the point that he is technologically handicapped.  C'mon dude, really...?  That bit of noise aside, how cool is this!?!  Okay, maybe not interview with your morning coffee cool, but at least Peter Piper's Pickles cool.  Just don't call him "Fun C. Fish."

Then, to follow that up, Mr. newlyfound celebrity goes out (with some help from a trout brother from another mother) and catches his first trout on a dry fly.  To clarify, not his first trout, just the first one from up top.  And on a fly he tied to boot.  Damn.  Nice job Matt.  Just think, I knew this kid when...

Okay, did that really say Whac-A-Mussel.  Huh?  Yeah, it said Whac-A-Mussel.

I can't make this up

Blatantly stolen from the Recycled Fish blog:

It’s no fun when invasive species like zebra mussels, Eurasian water milfoil, or Asian Carp show up in a new body of water. But beating them back is a blast with the new game, “Whac-A-Mussel,” which launches February 24-26 at the BASSMASTER Classic Expo presented by DICK’S Sporting Goods in Shreveport, Louisiana. 
The game plays just like the arcade classic Whac-A-Mole, but fiberglass zebra mussel caricatures pop up the holes and people “mash the mussels” to demonstrate their disdain for the mollusk invaders. At the same time, anglers learn lessons about how they can Inspect – Clean – Dry to stop the spread of not just invasive mussels, but all sorts of aquatic nuisance species. 
“Invasive species education is critical,” said Teeg Stouffer, Recycled Fish Executive Director. “But it can be kind of dry and boring. Just say the words ‘Invasive Species Education’ to people and watch their eyes glaze over. This is a learning tool that is fun, dynamic, engaging and interactive – it cuts through the clutter. We’re excited to introduce Whac-A-Mussel at the BASSMASTER Classic!” 
(Read the entire article HERE)

Oh, did you see the huge news last week in the fly fishing retail scene?  No, I'm not talking about Simms deciding to change their business model and begin selling direct online (as inflexible, old school fly shops cry everywhere).  Rather I'm talking about Nick from Foul Hook opening up a furled leader shop!  

A value at $8

Yeah, you got to check these out.  I've been testing out his prototype leaders for both my 3-wt and 5-wt for pretty much the last year and these things are awesome.  The 3-wt model got a big time workout, not only catching a ton of fish, but also withstanding my frequent encounters with tree limbs.  And it's still going strong!  Furled leader curious?  Check out Foul Hook

Some blog changes of note.  The URL 411number3.net is no more.  It's now mattrevors.com.  But the good thing is it appears you don't have to update your blogrolls and bookmarks, as they seem to magically redirect.  Anyway, enjoy Mat's newly found tramp stamp vanity plate.

Also, one of my oldest blog friends (not that he's elderly, we've just been blog buddies for a while) has up and changed the name of his latest blog.  If you've followed Casey over the years, this will come as no surprise as he is a constant tinkerer (and feral fungus finder).  So what once was Snapping Twigs, is now The Countryside Round, but the URL remains the same.  At least for this week.

To close, this week's blog love goes to a Troutrageous! favorite.  I'm trying not to tear up over here...but man...hold yourself together...I'm gonna miss you and  your snarkiness Lunker Hunt!

If you haven't already, please pop over to Clif's blog and say farewell (at least for now) before the Chinese governmental firewalls prevent him from reading your best wishes.  Take care Clif, see you in 18 months.


  1. I had lost track of Casey.

    You don't have to miss me but crying is good for the soul. I don't plan to be gone completely... I just won't be fishing.

  2. How the hell did I miss the Clif/Lunker Hunt temporary goodbye? Something is wrong with my blogroll. One or two digital tears have been shed on YGF's side.

  3. Thank you sir for the links to the shop!

  4. Well, golly! Thanks Mike, for the mention. This isn't the first time you've done this for me. I don't mean to make you spend an extra couple of minutes typing me in, but Thank You. It's appreciated. Even picked up a new follower - by the way -

    Clif - You're not the only one who has lost track of me. That's happened to thousands. Well, hundreds. I guess maybe three or four folks, to be honest. And some WON'T follow me anymore because of my blog hopping. So, Thank you!

  5. i refuse to watch internet videos that don't include naked women doing interesting things with each other, but i'm pretty positive based on the 4ish seconds i skipped to in the middle, "technologically" is not the only way interview kid is handicapped.

  6. The guys from Delaware Valley Outdoors all rock. Steve likes to ham it up on camera and have fun.

    They all are older guys who haven't embraced technology like us young whipper snappers. They usually interview guys like Gary Loomis and fish with guys like Mike Iaconelli so when they asked FFF list fishing star "Matt from The Functioning Fishaholics" I was pretty fricking humbled. (Guess it was a slow news day).

    Thanks for the shout Mike. Coming before a "beat your muscle" game on this site is quite the honor! (: