Please Remove All Appendages From The Scanner

Don't ask why, but I was for some reason or another compelled to look up The Compleat Angler by Izaak Walton on Google Books last night.  For those of you living under a rock, Google has scanned like a bazillion books into whatever "cloud" they upload crap into and provide them to you, mostly for free, via their search engine.

Anyway...I know this book is viewed as one of the granddaddies of fishing themed books and what not.  Ike & others like Dame Juliana Berners are straight up O.G.s. fo' shizzle.  But honestly, I lost interest in The Compleat Angler after about 3 pages.  Does a translation into somewhat modern English exist?  All I see when I try to read it is "blah blah blah, blah blah bah..."  Yes, I also realize that part of it has to do with the fact that I'm part cro-magnon and really don't read books all that much.  I'll wait until Tyler Perry one ups James Prozek and makes the movie version.

Madea Goes Fishin'?

Second, and more importantly?  Who was the stunod who decided it would be a good idea to begin scanning their fingers as well as the pages?  

And what's with the partial gloves?  Some fingers are covered, some are free as a bird, others are discolored and playing peek-a-boo through holes.

Just found that interesting.  And also somewhat thankful that it's only fingers, and not a hairy ass or an errant wang that made it into the scanner instead.


  1. I giggled. And now I'm off to see if Nick Lyons work has made the cut. (Undoubtedly not.)

  2. Maybe it's the ghost hands of Walton himself, trying to take his wisdom back from the unenlightened, mouth-breathing cretins that can't appreciate his peculiar dialect?

    ...yeah probably not.

  3. You just gave an idea to the bored fellow who scans books all day.

  4. Sorry, when it got into the religious stuff (down toward the bottom) I had to exit stage left.


  5. "Blablabla I don't understand this stuff...oooooooooh look, fingers!"

  6. I can only hope you don't get bored with a scanner close by.

  7. Looks like my old admin assistant got a job scanning books.

  8. I obtained a Kindle a week ago and downloaded "The Compleate Angler 1653" and have read the whole thing. I don't mind archaic English...I read Shakespeare too. Got "The Determined Angler and the Brook Trout" by Charles Barker Bradford too. It too was somewhat interesting. I didn't find Dame Juliana Berners in the Kindle catalog though. For those with insomnia I recommend reading "The Wealth Of Nations" by Adam will be fast asleep within 1-2 pages.

  9. I think its the radiation from the scanner rotting his fingers off after 87 bazillion pages scanned

  10. Haha. The "errant wang" is on page 53. Keep reading...


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