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Please Remove All Appendages From The Scanner

Don't ask why, but I was for some reason or another compelled to look up The Compleat Angler by Izaak Walton on Google Books last night.  For those of you living under a rock, Google has scanned like a bazillion books into whatever "cloud" they upload crap into and provide them to you, mostly for free, via their search engine.

Anyway...I know this book is viewed as one of the granddaddies of fishing themed books and what not.  Ike & others like Dame Juliana Berners are straight up O.G.s. fo' shizzle.  But honestly, I lost interest in The Compleat Angler after about 3 pages.  Does a translation into somewhat modern English exist?  All I see when I try to read it is "blah blah blah, blah blah bah..."  Yes, I also realize that part of it has to do with the fact that I'm part cro-magnon and really don't read books all that much.  I'll wait until Tyler Perry one ups James Prozek and makes the movie version.

Second, and more importantly?  Who was …

Wednesday Nibbles - Keeping Up With The Blogs Edition

Wednesday.  Nibbles.  Going to keep it very blog-centric this week, 'cuz there's lot's going on in the world of fishing blogs.  Okay?  Let's go!

To start, who had a better weekend than Matt, aka Functioning Fishaholics (or Func Fish)?  Seriously.

First off, he goes to the local outdoors show and gets interviewed about Twitter...I think.  I was somewhat distracted by the doofus interviewer continuing to emphasize the point that he is technologically handicapped.  C'mon dude, really...?  That bit of noise aside, how cool is this!?!  Okay, maybe not interview with your morning coffee cool, but at least Peter Piper's Pickles cool.  Just don't call him "Fun C. Fish."

Then, to follow that up, Mr. newlyfound celebrity goes out (with some help from a trout brother from another mother) and catches his first trout on a dry fly.  To clarify, not his first trout, just the first one from up top.  And on a fly he tied to boot.  Damn.  Nice job Matt.  Just thin…

Trout - Both Real & Fabricated

Saturday was a pretty nice day in southeastern Pennsylvania.  The temps were in the low to mid 50s and the sun was playing peek-a-boo with the clouds all afternoon.  Having anything above 35-40 degrees in mid February basically being the equivalent of playing with house money, why not push my luck?  Not having fished since January, it was time to wet a line, if only for a two hour "escape."

I'm not one to spin a long story about the majesty of the outdoors, the symphony of the stream, or the Holiness of the trout.  Let a more talented writer string those superlatives together.  I went fishing.  I caught a few.  Even despite a frustrating case of the LDRs on the first two I hooked.  (Long Distance Release - for the the acronymically-challenged).  Here's a few pictures of the day.

Free Rapala = More streamside loot.  Now where's my spinning rod?

Gear Review - Fishpond Buckskin Boot Bag

A few months ago I wrote this post in jest.  It was a "first impressions" post of the Buckskin Bootbag from Fishpond.  Both the post and the product drew some mixed reaction, but after using the bag for about two months, I figured it would be a good time to provide a follow up "official" review.

Before I start, here are the deets, courtesy of the Fishpond website:

MSRP: $39.95Fully lined nylon interiorTough abrasion-resistant molded bottom for structureRubberized mesh upper panel for faster dryingTwo side grip handles and one jacquard top handle14” x 13” x 4”
CONSTRUCTION Not being a prior Fishpond customer, I really didn't have any exposure to the build of their products.  I will immediately say I was impressed with the quality throughout this bag.  Durable materials (including zippers and side handles), solid stitching all around, and a bulletproof bottom - this thing is built to last, and I had no concerns tossing it around and abusing it to and from…

Happy Valentine's Day To My Girls

Fishing can take a backseat today.

Cheap Glass

Thanks to a sale on Cabela's and some old unused gift cards, the under $30 (to me) 50th Anniversary C.G.R. fly rod ended up on my doorstep this weekend.  She's all rigged and ready to get her wiggle on.  Waiting out this work week is going to be tough.  The revolution will not be televised.

Guest Post - A Great In-vest-ment: Personal Flotation!

Yeah, I didn't write this post.

I get offers from time to time from people representing brands, retailers, or whatever to write guest posts.  I always used to draw a line and pretty much say no, but I made an exception for Lee from  Considering that Pennsylvania is going to enact mandatory personal flotation device regulations later this year, I thought the content was timely and worth sharing.

So you're heading out for a big day of fishing. You've got your rod, reel, tackle box, creel and your lunch is all packed. You're ready to roll! But don't forget your most important piece of gear - a life jacket (or PFD - personal flotation device).

So if you're thinking "PFD! I don't need no stinking PFD!" well, think again. Nine out of 10 drownings occur in inland waters, most within a few feet of safety. Weather and water conditions can change at a moment's notice, and …

Wednesday Nibbles - The Shirtless Shark Bite Edition

Hey, look, it's Wednesday.  "Hump Day" to some, a phrase that even today still makes me chuckle like a 3rd grader.  ....he said Hump Day...   Anyway, thought I'd toss out some pre-packaged pop culture and hermetically sealed fishing randomness today, you know, to help move Wednesday along a bit.

Let's start with a bit of fishing...well sort of...yeah, we still talk about that here...sometimes...

Did you happen to see the new "flash sale" site called Wide Open Spaces that opened for business last week?  It's similar to Groupon or Woot in that it offers deeply discounted products for a short period of time, like a day or two.  It's not just fishing, it's hunting and general outdoors, so the opportunity to find a deal you might like is pretty good.

It's interesting to see how these outdoor deal sites are spreading like wildfire...Deals on the Fly, The Clymb, TightLinz, just to name a few.  (Yes, a few of those are referral links, I'm no…

Tenkara Tuesday - The 2012 Vedavoo Chest Pack

Welcome to Tenkara Tuesday.

I thought I'd take the opportunity today to highlight a piece of equipment that I've recently added to my tenkara arsenal.  I'm a bit of a fishing bag junkie, so it's probably not going to be a surprise that it is a bag (of sorts).  
Ever since Vedavoo's fly fishing product line first caught my eye thanks to a Facebook post from Cam at The Fiberglass Manifesto last summer, I couldn't help but think the small chest pack in their offering would be perfect for tenkara, noting my excitement in a Wednesday Nibbles post.  Although I didn't act on the impulse to buy right away, I stored Vedavoo and its "Made in the America" products in the back of my head - and when they recently launched the 2012 version of their chest pack, I just had to pull the trigger.  Willpower is not my strength.

Bag in hand, and now taken out for a spin on the water a few times, I have to admit that this mini chest pack is pretty slick.  Efficiently s…

Weekends Past & Future

I didn't go fishing last weekend, but intend to change that this upcoming weekend.
See, a lot of things contributed to the weekend off.  
1)  I'm nursing a bum leg, don't know how I hurt it, but it actually started to swell and hurt so bad for no apparent reason that I got a little concerned.  (It's a story for another time but I was hospitalized with a blood clot in my lung about a month before Lilly was born - K.C. loved that.)  Anyway, I went and got an ultrasound on it on Thursday.  Don't worry, it wasn't pregnant, just muscular.

2)  I received an extortion letter from "FishPorn Quarterly" on Thursday.  Actually since I don't care much for cats, this was no biggie, but worth mentioning.

3)  We added a mutt to the family on Saturday.  Actually a pug/chihuahua mix named Pugsley.  We rescued him from Peaceable Kingdom in Allentown and he's really fitting in well.  He's playful in spurts, but also likes to sleep a lot.  Much like me.  At l…