January 20, 2012

A Random Product from the Cabela's Fishing Catalog

I received the 2012 Cabela's fishing catalog the other day.  I used to really look forward to getting this bad boy every year (along with the competition's version from Bass Pro Shops), but when I sort of made the move from spin fishing to fly/tenkara fishing...well...it just isn't the same.  They've got different catalogs for that.

However, since I'm a gear junkie at heart, I still do enjoy going through the pages and soaking in all that's new for this year.  A few quick flips show that we've got all the latest & greatest stuff you don't really need, including micro guide baitcast rods, trolling reels with computer screens, enough new lures to fill 20 Alabama rigs, and of course some of the most "old mannish" looking footwear I've ever laid eyes upon.  Almost as bad as those velcro shoes you can sometimes see next to the elastic waist slacks in the coupon section of the Sunday newspaper.

These are so bad they're cool

Anyway, I thought I'd play a game today.  There are 336 pages in this year's Cabela's fishing catalog (back cover included)...let's pick a page at random, then pick a product at random, and blog about it (aka give it a free commercial).  Yes, I'm in need of inspiration, and I unwisely used my Bieber card yesterday.  Plus the great Google monster that lives in the clouds seems to like to send people to my site when I write gear posts.

Sooo....Random.org picked page 149.
And there are 7 products on page 149...and Random.org picked item 5.

Survey says...

Heh heh, it says wide load...shut up Beavis...

Evidently Skeet Reese (you know, the yellow guy that fishes with Roy Halladay and saves naked jungle people from rabid anacondas) designed this "wild-action" bait for flipping and casting to big bass.  Whatever.  That story sounds as good as any other.  I'm sure he designed it.  Honestly, I'd be lookin' to see what KVD is designing, but that's just me.  

It's available in a rainbow of colors, ironically yellow not being one of them.  My favorite is #030 Lime Purple Passion, which sounds like something that would be served in an umbrella adorned coconut...but at 6 for $2.99, what a bargain!  At least I think.  Everything in the fly fishing world is at least 8 times more expensive than it should be, so I can't tell a bargain on a normal fishing item if it walked up and slapped me in the face.

What's the point?  Beats me.  I was truly hoping the fates would let me write about one of those rods made out of carrots, the latest design in brass swivels, or the full assortment of planer boards.  At the very least, this post was somewhat fun to write, although I'm certain reading it had a decidedly different effect.  Sorry about that.  At least today is Friday.


  1. All I could think of after reading the snake bite story was "my anaconda don't want none unless you got buns hun."

  2. I'm still too disturbed by the Bieber post to take this all in...just yet. ;)

  3. I always find it a shame that Richard Dawson will always be remembered for "The Family Feud" and not his fine acting skills...I mean didn't anyone ever see "The Running Man" where he co-stars with Arnold? He was outstanding! (I tried to come up with a better comment but feel I may have landed flat on my face)

  4. Michael
    I can relate----I use to look forward to receiving my Bass Pro magazine each spring to view all the latest bass gear---now it usually goes by the way side under the end tables or coffee table---now the latest fly fisherman magazine I read usually stays close by my recliner, how times change especially for me going from the casting and spinning to the fly rod, and have never look back--by the way the white shoes makes me think of a straight laced nurse on a mission!!!! Thanks for sharing

  5. I always find something in that catalog I don't need but really want. This time it's the Berkley trout dough bait rod. I don't fish dough baits, but an 8' spinning rod for lines down to 1 lb test sounds interesting. I do like long rods and light lines. Maybe some threadlining for bluegills?

  6. I remember Richard Dawson for Hogan's Heroes. T! don't you have any fishing related hobbies you can talk about. You do fish don't you?

  7. Compared to other plastics? Yes a deal.
    Compared to cost of manufacturing? No

  8. Those shoes are awesome!... I have a pair that I wont go fishing without... They look even better if you cross the velcro straps.. I think

  9. random reviews...I think you're on to something. you might not realize it now, but I think that getting the Bieber card out of the way was a wise choice

  10. and now a story. upon chartering a trip in another man's boat, i was given the requirement of "white boat shoes." this is not an easy thing to accomplish when you're not spending very much money on a product you'll wear once (actually three times and counting, each time a trip on said boat).

    i ended up with white canvas slip on loafers, a size too small, from payless.

    there's a reason behind ugly shoes in fishing catalogues. yep.

    oh, and i was told any light soled sneaker would've been fine. wish that had been clarified on his stupid website.