January 14, 2012

Gear Review - Margaritaville Polarized Sunglasses

I think I may have inadvertently become some sort of sunglasses reviewer guru or something.  I've done a review on these and these, so when Margaritaville Eyewear approached me a few months ago about doing a review on their sunglasses...I mean how could I say no?  Especially as one that is known to have gone searching for his fair share of lost salt shakers in the past.

Ahh...the younger days of Parrotheaded tailgating... 

The folks at Margartiaville Eyewear sent me a pair of Tortola polarized sunglasses.  When I cracked open the package, there was a pair of sunglasses (duh), presented with a very nice case, a tan nylon with sort of an antiqued brass hardware.  Accompanying the case was a little pull-string microfiber glasses bag that doubles as a lens cleaner, as well as a glasses leash made from like a shoelace type material (as opposed to neoprene).  Top rate packaging, and they almost too good of a first impression.  I don't know where they were gonna go from here.

The first thing I noticed is that nothing really jumps out as "cheap" when you examine these sunglasses closely.  The frames are "polymer" (aka plastic), but really solid.  Not that inexpensive squeaky plastic you might find elsewhere.  The hinges are metal spring hinges to prevent breaking from over-flexing, and there are soft rubber pads at the touch points on your nose and behind your ears, all of which make for a very comfortable and lightweight wear.

The leash can be attached to each "arm" through a small hole in the back.  I don't wear leashes on my sunglasses, so I really didn't try that out.  I really didn't need to anyway, the rubber pads kept them put.  No need to change my latitude.

On the fashion front, I have to say of all the glasses I've reviewed to date, these Margaritaville sunglasses are probably the most stylish.  They are my first choice to wear out and about.  But then again, I wear Owl Jones t-shirts out and about too, and have always wanted to grow a pencil thin moustacheso what does that say for my fashion sense?

I'm not very picky when it comes to polarized lenses.  Typically, unless you are buying fishing sunglasses from the bargain bin, they are going to work just fine to cut glare and sight fish in most situations.  Heck, sometimes even glasses from the bargain bin work fine too.  And you don't have to get 'em drunk to take them home.

Margaritaville boasts that these sunglasses feature Margaritaville Polarized Technology, or MPT® (man, is that name original or what?), which are "the highest quality available and filter out 99.9 % of blinding glare" while exceeding "all existing eyewear industry standards for optical quality, value and durability." I guess that's just a ton of awesomeness rolled into a small package  Kinda like a Cheeseburger in Paradise.  If not, it's certainly a lot of marketing hype.

Either way, these Margaritaville sunglasses more than did the job on the water.  While I was down in Florida I used them to sight fish bass and bluegill, and back at home they've been great on Valley Creek to spot holding trout.  Basically, they let me see fins to the left, and fins to the right...with ease.  I've used them consistently now for about 2 months of fishing (not to mention my daily battle with sun glare on the ride in to work in the mornings) and will continue to use them after this "review" is over.

There's nothing really bad to complain about when it comes to these glasses.  They're solidly constructed, do what they're supposed to in terms of cutting glare, and even look good on a big nosed goof like myself.  As for this review, consider it over.  I'm thirsty, and it's 5 o'clock somewhere...

The Margaritaville Eyewear sunglasses tested in this product review were provided to me at no cost, but hold a retail value of $159.95 per the manufacturer's website.  (Note: they now appear to be on clearance at $79.97)  I currently hold no association with Margaritaville eyewear whatsoever, but if they want to go out and share some drinks sometime, I'll never say no.  Especially boat drinks.  As with all independent gear reviews at Troutrageous!, I try my best to keep my reviews honest and unbiased. If something is good, it deserves applause; if it sucks, I'll let you know that too. It ain't in my interest to steer you wrong, so why waste the time in doing so?


  1. SWEET post. As a roving parrothead this post brought back memories. Jimmy is a marketing master. One question - where is the coconut bra?

    1. One of my weight challenged friends needed it to hide the goods!

  2. Sunglasses are so important these days with all those nasty sun rays beating down n us that I hardly go anywhere with out my pair of Revisions HellFly Ballistic Sunglasses, http://whitetailwoods.blogspot.com/2011/04/revisions-hellfly-ballistic-sunglasses.html
    Not only are they comfortable they are shatter proof.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Jeff. It's no wiener dog fishing, but it'll do.

  4. i say go for the pencil thin mustache. A mid-January new years resolution of sorts. Nice review.

    1. I like it. Despite my overall furriness, I was never good at growing facial hair. May be worth another go round.

  5. Meant to last I assume? When you're looking at forty, hope they're still around.

  6. Great review. I hardly wear shades when fishing and I always regret it as my brother points out fish everywhere with his polarized glasses. I need to gets me a good pair. Tight lines.

  7. A fine review from parrothead nation...a few boat drinks would be nice.


  8. Clif is such a smarty! : ) I don't think that I will ever forget this post...tropical skirts and sunglasses. I never leave home without them!