Damn Las Vegas Card Flickers...

...if you've ever been to Vegas, you know what I'm talking about...


  1. LV Street Porn. Love it.

  2. spent a week in vegas back in 2006 training our resellers and I am still finding those damn cards planted all over my office. Of course I know it is payback for the 400+ we planted all in a co workers luggage that his newly wed wife helped him find when he got home.

    It was worth it.

  3. Haven't been to Vegas since 1969. A whole different world then.


  4. is Brittany wearing a booty harness???? or a butt bra??? what is going on there?

  5. I'm guessing what you'd catch from ol' Brittany wouldn't stay in Vegas

  6. I say all your readers chip in and pay the $100 to rent Brittany and then you take her fishing and film the hilarity. Make her wear giant boot foot waders and have her fish in a drainage ditch. I got $20 towards it.

    P.S. I hear the Spearmint Rhino is amazing.

  7. I like Dubs idea. I've got a buyer friend at the show in Vegas right now. I'll see what he thinks.

  8. What?? This sort of stuff happens in Vegas?? I'll be sure to avoid these shenanigans when I spend 7 days
    There next week.


  9. HA! The first time I went to Vegas, a friend of ours said "Watch out for the crickets on the sidewalks. They come out at night". I couldn't wait til night fall! I was all about seeing crickets evade the Vegas Strip! It wa getting dark and we are walking down the strip and out come these people with those flicker cards. My first thought is "what the heck is up with these people flicking cards"...as we walked I realized the flicking sounded like crickets. So yes, the crickets come out at night in Vegas ;)


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