What's Your Favorite Tying Material?

This is a simple question.  Meant to be both serious, and because of my immature sense of humor, a little silly at the same time.

See, the inspiration for this was a post on Tenkara Talk yesterday that referenced Jungle Cock.  Just reading the words Jungle Cock make me laugh.  They actually make me laugh a lot.  But then again, I'm pretty stupid like that.


But it also got me thinking about tying materials.  Yes, there's a billion kinds of feathers, animal furs, threads, and beads...too many to properly catalog.  Other materials like Fish Skulls, Clear Cure Goo, and Squrimy Wormie just add to the tyer's menu, giving those with dexterity even more options when it comes to creating unique fly patterns.  

Me?  I think my favorite material to work with is Peacock Herl.  Some good herl makes pretty much every fly look better with a few simple twists.  The fish seem to like it too. 

Peacock Herl body on this Copper John....image courtesy Charlie's FlyBox

Not familiar with peacock herl?  It looks like this...

Not this...

So...on that note...What Are Your Favorite Tying Material(s)?  
Heck, are there any that make you laugh?

Lemme know in the comments below...


  1. I was going to say peacock herl until I scanned down and saw that you had picked it. So I don't look like a copy cat, I will say that I use a lot of pheasant tail also.

  2. Probably the thread. I don't think my flies would look the same without it.

  3. I'd have to go with hare's ear dubbing. Nearly all my flies get a touch of it. Nymphs, buggers, and dries.

  4. That's not fair! Any committed tier has drawers full of material, most of it is favorite stuff, so I'm going to list a few by category of fly:
    Steelhead-Rhea, jungle cock, Polar Bear,schlapin
    Saltwater-craft fur, silly legs, 60lb mono (and a lighter)
    Streamers-marabou, Ostrich, pine squirrel, tungsten
    Dry flies - any high grade from Whiting Farms, elk hair from Nature's Spirit, sclaed quail, valley quail
    Nymph and wet flies - Hungarian partridge, pheasant tail, rabbit fur

    And yes....peacock hurl for all of them!

  5. Aside from the obvious hook and thread...I would have to pick at least three materials because I would not be able to tie the majority of my flies without them.
    1. Peacock Herl....it's just good mojo.
    2. Hungarian partridge....for me, no sakasa kebari without it.
    3. Snowshoe rabbit's feet...My favorite dry fly is a Fran Better's Usual, one of the most versatile and best flies out there (deer hair would be a close second to this).

  6. Bunny strip and marabou for bass catching action!

  7. Choosing a favorite tying material feels akin to choosing a favorite child. My current favorite would have to be Snowshoe Rabbit's Foot (followed by Compardun sized Deer Hair and Estaz and Partridge and Herl and, okay, I'll stop there).

  8. Along the same thoughts as Steve @ the moment it would be soft hackles, partridge and/or starling.


  9. I'm going to have to go with flash- flashabou, krystal flash, flashity flash flash- everything from streamers to nymphs, even egg patterns sometimes. Loves me the bling.

  10. I'm with Jay. Bunny strips and marabou.

  11. I love the peackock hurl. ;) Had some bad seeds I guess. My favorite material has to be Sally Hansen Hard as Nails finger-nail polish. It goes on almost every fly I tie. ;)

  12. No photos, but I use my step-son's toenail clippings for added weight. Have you ever seen Howard hurl?

  13. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

  14. CDC. works great, makes everything "come alive", doesn't look too bad either

  15. Mine has to be Bucktail. I love tying streamers. Here in the south, large trout streamers double as bass and bluegill streamers. Second to that would be deer hair.

  16. U.V. High Test Dub. And of coarse partridge.

  17. That guy on the right looks a little worse for wear...what happens in the jungle stays in the jungle.

  18. I love tying up elk hair caddis despite the fact that I haven't had a rise on one in quite a while .... So yeah, elk hair. And, to quote Butthead " huhu...you said cock"

  19. I have to go with Marabou. Where else can you get stuff that goes up your nose, in your mouth, and in your ears as you're just trying to corral it long enough to attach it to a hook. Not even cat hair is that bad and cat hair is bad enough.


  20. bunny strips, or squirrel fur dubbing it looks real "buggy"


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