December 7, 2011

Wednesday Nibbles - The "Why Not" Edition

Hey, hadn't written one of these in a figured why not today.  It's the holiday season after all.  Yeah, I realize the holidays have nothing to do with the Wednesday Nibbles, but what does that matter?  This is the internet, you're allowed to make stuff up...


Stumped for a holiday gift?  Want to add to your t-shirt collection?  No, I didn't say T! shirt...I said t-shirt.  Well, if you are, check out "friend of Troutrageous" The Freshwater Fly, who is selling t-shirts in the name of Project Healing Waters.  Makes a great gift for yourself or a friend while sending some cash to a good cause.  But act quick, you only have until December 9th to get in on this action!

I take a size XL...

HOLYCRAPDIDYOUSEESILVERANDGOLD?!?!?!?!  Based on the reaction in the comments over on Fly Fishilicious and YGF, Ivan's latest short is going over well.  Very well.  I think the Le Mouching clan is digging it too, although I never have any idea what they're saying.  I personally think Owl Jones put it best on the Google+ machine...

If you haven't seen YGF's latest yet, do yourself a favor and click play below.  Especially if you're at work right now...I guarantee that it's much more gratifying than practicing mad VLOOKUP skillz on your Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

Hey...anyone notice yesterday's OBN's Quick Fire interview?  If you missed it, it was with yours truly.  (That means me).  Seriously, of all the days for the OBN to get all ambitious on us and decide to write TWO posts (like who does that?), it was yesterday, so my day in the sun was immediately eclipsed by a "Wild Places" writing prompt.  F#ckers.

Must be karma getting me back for Sunday's "first-impressions" post.  Sorry Fishpond, I suck.  Oh, and Rebecca, I'm only partially kidding about the posting thing.  :P

Anyway, to keep to the theme of "quick fire" I tried to the answers very short and to the point, as if I was playing $25,000 (or perhaps $100,000 with inflation) Pyramid or something.  I did enough blabbering over at EMBT a month or so ago, so wanted to keep this one tight.  If you didn't read it, enjoy.

Now for some blog love...and although I teased it on Facebook about a month back, I don't ever think I gave occasional Troutrageous! guest poster Spurky any love over here.  Yeah, Spurky's spread his wings and is writing his own blog called troutnspoons.

When it comes to fishing for small stream trout with lures, Spurky is my Mr. Miyagi, so check out his blog when you get a chance.  Oh, and Spurky...if you're reading this...cut out the fishing for a bit and rest up man.  No more mini-strokes on the stream, okay?  Deal.

To close, I'm off on another business trip later today.  Last week was Miami, FL & South Beach, which has to be home to the most tattoo parlors and hookah shops within a 10 block radius in the world.

This week, my travels take me to beautiful Phenix City, Alabama....a city so awesome they left out the "o."  Actually, it's my first time going there, so it could very well be gorgeous and in no need of any stinkin' os.  I'll let you know when I get back (or if you're lucky, in real time on Twitter).  Later all....


  1. awww feeling the love! Mwuah! ROTFLOL. Miyagi,eh,don't cast out,tree on,in the training routine! LOL sorry,just had to! Ready for a road trip soon,i hope,well at least i can plan,right? Hehy with the snow coming,Be a perfect time,only this time I'll bring the snow shoes!

  2. They could have posted your quick fire interview on black Friday.

  3. I made the Nibs. I think Sally Field said it best, "you like me, right now, you like me!" thanks for the post good sir.

  4. Thank you Mr Rageous! for again keeping me entertained on a cold gray Wednesday afternoon. This was almost as good as YGF's film. You have some cause for complaint about the interview- I saw the writing prompt, but not your interview. Guess I'll have to go back and check it.

  5. You should file a formal complaint over at the OBN. I hear Joe really (really) likes complaint letters. Totally makes his day!

    Very cool video. I have a whole new appreciation for silver and gold.

  6. Ivan's video was ridiculous...such cool stuff! And I'm glad that the Wednesday Nibbles made it back on the air...especially in time to pump your shortly lived interview over at OBN...which was great by the way, thanks for the laughs. Cheers!

  7. You're going to Phenix City? Oh you'll love it there. Lots of red clay and muddy swamps and such. This time of year, you'll miss the gnats and skeeters though, so you'll have to go back sometime to check those out. :) lol