December 31, 2011

Travel Day Today

Making the long journey home from Florida today.  Should be a full day's worth of driving, so probably won't be all that "social" if you know what I mean.

Yesterday was a busy day, running around Universal Islands of Adventure in Orlando...which is something I will never, ever do again.  At least not the week between Christmas & New Year's.  Holy smokes that place was packed.

As you may have seen over on Facebook, Lilly, K.C., and I made the most of dealing with crowds all day and had a pretty fun time.  I'll probably toss up more pictures (at least to Facebook) when I get home, but here's a pic of the kid & I outside Hogwarts in the Harry Potter section of the park.  Oh, and like my t-shirt?

Also here's some cell phone footage of riding the Harry Potter Hippogriff.  I think it was the one ride with less than an hour's wait.  Lilly's reaction at the end is the reason why us Dads do stuff like this, right?

Anyway...hope you are all ready to close out 2011 on the right note.  I can't wait to get home and catch up on all of the good blogging I've been missing over the last week or so.  (I did happen upon Fontinalis Rising's post yesterday, thanks for the hat tip Jason.  Quite an honor!)

So here's wishing everyone a safe & Happy New Year's Eve.

See you in 2012!


  1. Come home safe. You're one of the anchors out here in Blogdom.


  2. Glad the Griswold's got home safely. Yes, there is a reason why Dad's like you do things like waiting in long lines... : )

  3. Your video brought back some great memories. I remember our son lost his favourite hat and we bought him a safari hat that he still has today, years later. Many years later, I'm getting old.

    My wife, son and I have been to Universal Islands of Adventure in Orlando and we pretty much ran everywhere. It was great going to Florida from Moncton, New Brunswick, although the drive was tough.

    It would be great to get back to Florida again, but this time it would be just my wife Jenny and myself. Kind of like a second honeymoon, after 30 years of marriage.

  4. Another few years and we'll be going too. I've never been - my parents could never afford to take all three of us, and when my grandparents offered, my folks didn't approve of the it'll be my first time too!!

  5. @Shoreman
    Got home in one piece. Will try not to weigh "us" down.

  6. @Travel Mann
    Wow, and I thought PA to FL was bad, that drive had to have been a killer. I hope you enjoy it if you get back, sounds like the two of you deserve it.

  7. @River Mud
    The whole Orlando scene is great. If you can arrange it, go in March or April, not too hot yet and (most) kids are still in school. Never, and I repeat never go in December over holiday break. Ugh.