December 5, 2011

The Paperwork Payoff

As the Treasurer for my local co-operative trout nursery, I have to fill out a ton of boring paperwork, pay a ton of bills, and try to balance books that for whatever the reason really don't like to be balanced.  

Not being an accountant, nor really having an interest in numbers, it's not the most fun of volunteer jobs I could have, but as "they" in their infinite wisdom always say..."somebody has to do it."

When I stopped by the P.O. Box on Saturday to get the latest round of bills, invoices, and death-by-paper cut, there was one envelope that reminded me why I do this unforgiving job, and why all of the associated nonsense is worth it.

No, thank YOU third grade.  


  1. I love it when you communicate with like-minded people. Good job.

  2. That would definitely be 17 great reasons for doing such "boring work". Inspiring kids or just showing them a memorable time in the outdoors will someday payoff nicely with adults who care about the environment and all that goes on in it. Nice work!