December 4, 2011

Dude, What Is That?

Dude, what is that?

I dunno, it came in the mail the other day

Well didn't you order it or something then?

Nah, it was free, but I have to blog about it.

More free know you suck right?

Yeah, but not as good as your Mom does.

Shut it one of those things you take little dogs on airplanes with?

Nah, too small.

Even for a wiener dog?


It's got horses on the tags.

Sure they're not unicorns?

No horns.

Then it's not a tenkara bag.

Pizza delivery bag?

I don't think so.

Who died and made you Newt Gingrich?

Gotta be laptop bag then?

Doubt it.  The opening spreads too wide.

Just like your Mom.


Think I could keep my smokes in there?

Nah, this isn't Colorado man.

But I have glaucoma...

That's what you all say...

Okay, stupid banter aside, it's actually a Fishpond Buckskin Boot Bag that showed up at the house while I was in Miami last week, courtesy of the folks at Fishpond.  I'm supposed to give it a test drive during my winter fishing to see how it handles my wading boots, otherwise known as the Grey Ghosts.

First impressions, it's sturdy, well finished, and hopefully deep enough to hold my wide ass boots.  Because it's clearly too small to hold dogs for air travel.  But not stuffed dogs.  And by stuffed, I mean toys, not taxidermy.  They fit just fine.


  1. We could test the bag on the valley/stony trout hunt in the near future!

  2. How about I send my size 15 wides down and you really test them out. :)

  3. Sorry...that bag is big enough for boots? The picture is deceiving... : ) And why is there mesh netting where sand/dirt can fall through? Love Fishpond, but not quite sure on this one...

    I think to ventilate so wet boots can dry out? We shall know I'm not going to B.S. a product review.

  5. I'm going to have to ask it....

    Why does anyone need a bag for their boots?

  6. @Clif
    Beats me. But it exists. Just like Caffeine Free Diet Soda. Looking forward to the "a-ha" moment.

  7. Seriously...what's the point of Caffeine Free Diet Soda? Make it sugar free and then it's really mind boggling. I agree with River Damsel though. The photo is incredibly deceiving...I totally thought it was a CD case! :P

  8. A bag just for your boots? I have a bag big enough for boots, waders, wading staff, and wader belt. A lot less to carry to the truck even if this one has mesh on the side for keeping your stuffed (not taxidermy) dogs dry.


  9. Wait, I need a special carrying case for my boots, now? A purloined milk crate bungied to the top of my car not haute enough?

    Is it that we have too much disposable income, or is it that we're too obsessed with ourselves?

    Before you know it, I'm gonna an Orvis catalogue and find a $30K tear drop camper or some crap.

  10. @e.m.b.
    I'd estimate it would hold about 20-30 Bell Biv Devoe CDs. If only they had made that many...

  11. @Shoreman
    If I said it was a Powerbait and Kastmaster bag would that help? :)

  12. @gfen
    Yes, you clearly need a bag for your boots to go with your leather appointed cooler from Orvis.

  13. Yes, the meshing is for ventilation...I thought of that after the fact. Well, good luck and hope that they imbellish your journey out!

  14. I do not condone keeping two boots together in one boot bag, so until they make a bag for individual boots, I'll simply have to abstain.

  15. During your review, please use it to catch minnows.

  16. that ah ha moment is still on the fringe. I'm with tnfishdaddy ... my size 15 wading boots qualify for "wide load" designation on the highways and by-ways. Stick a pair of your boots in there and lets see how it works. As a plush puppy carrying case, it rocks.

    The only thing that will imbellish my next journey out will be actually catching a fish.

  18. @Kirk Werner
    Good call. Especially when said boots don't get along. All they do is stick their tongues out at each other...there's bound to be a fight!

  19. @Clif
    Minnows? No way, that ain't fly fishing! But perhaps as a post fishing meal spaghetti strainer.

  20. @The Other Clif
    Boots in the boot bag will clearly be the first test.

  21. Someone recently wrote an article about just such a product as this...I just can't put my finger on it though......

    What's the retail on that nametag with mesh and a zipper? I'm gonna guess $40-$60?

  22. oh, good, the Orvis leather cooler comes in under my $1000 fun money budget!

    Oh, and the point of caffiene free diet soda is that its both diet and caffiene free for people who want a soft drink but desire neither calories nor caffiene.

  23. is awesome !