December 26, 2011

A Christmas Recap

We had a good Christmas this year.  Not that I'm bragging or anything....  Okay, maybe just a little.

It started with presents...of course.
Lilly made out like a bandit.  Nintendo DS was atop her list, and Santa was a good listener...

And Wuggle Pets?  If you have a kid that watches cartoons on cable, surely you've seen the commercial...

After lounging around the house for a bit, assembling and playing with toys, I went fishing out back in the canal that runs behind the house.  Had to try to catch a Christmas fish, right?

Look...there's one...

While I was fishing, K.C. was using her "new" DSLR camera to shoot great pictures, like this...

...until I became the subject...

Where was Lilly while all this was going on?

C'mon, did you expect her to be anywhere else but glued to her new DS?

Oh, caught a fish or two too.

Rounded out the night with a nice dinner, goofed around on the computer a bit (including writing this post), then off to bed.  See you again in '12 Santa Claus...we'll be good, we promise.


  1. Great shots. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2012.

  2. Looks each of you did very well on this Christmas Day. Happy holidays and the best in the New Year. Go Lilly!

  3. Great photos! Merry Christmas!

  4. Hey Mike. We had a Hex Bugs Christmas at my sons. Good thing we have the Internet or I'd never know what it was my grandson wanted.


  5. Merry Christmas! Looks like you guys had a great time.

  6. Happy new year Michael! Looking forward to another year of T! Mike

  7. Thanks for all the well wishes guys. Hope your holidays were just as enjoyable.