Who Was Your First?

Poking around the innards of my blog last night I noticed I've accumulated 4,011 comments over the years.  I don't know (or really care) if that's good or bad or anything like that...because honestly, numbers are numbers and can be interpreted however you want.

What I did decide to do was take a look back to see who the first comment was from.  Any guesses?

Believe it or not, John from Fish Creek Spinners was responsible for that comment on 12/20/2007 on a post written about twisting up some inline spinners.  He's 100% to blame for providing that first bit of positive reinforcement to yours truly that a new blogger often looks for.

In working backwards...I also figured out I "met" both Mel & Shoreman on 8/29/09.  Interestingly enough, Clif first spoke up the day prior.  Wolfy...aka pre-OBN Joe...came a few months later on 11/23/09.  Some other golden oldies from that time also included Len Harris, Fisherbabe, Fishin Fool, Wandering Owl, TackleBoxTalk, Bill, and Butch Adams.  

Whenever I get retrospective about the blog, I often wonder what happened to Butch.  He liked walking creeks, taking pictures of wildlife, and finding old Native American arrowheads.  I enjoyed his blog a lot.  Maybe Butch is still out there under a different alias and I just lost track, that happens from time to time.

Come 2010, things started going apesh*t in terms of comments and commentators, but man, if it isn't interesting looking back and seeing some names from the past.

If you've been blogging for more than a year or so, and you blog allows you to look back in "comment time," I suggest you do yourself a favor and spend a few minutes doing such.  It makes for a very fun read.


  1. my first comment on was on Jan 23rd of this year from http://highcountryangler.blogspot.com/ .. This was interesting to go back in the past and see who was in the beginning. Great post!

  2. Where is butch? His blog's been deleted....so sad.

  3. Interesting that you brought this up...in preparing for my first year anniv. edition in a couple of weeks, I had already looked this up! Rebecca...you know, that "Outdooress" gal. Followed by Cofisher and Bigerrfish. And they are all still with me, which is amazing in itself!

  4. Oh...Crap! I can't forget Mel...he was there too for me...thanks, buddy!

  5. Ryan from the "average joe" was my first commenter but you were right there at number three on the list.

  6. My first comment came from Brk Trt from Small stream reflections. He still comments on my blog.

  7. Good stuff! I haven't been blogging a year yet, but I took your advice and took a look back. My first comment was from Stephanie over at Antlers and Gills...ha! Fun to look back.

  8. I had to go back to my 13th post in January 2009 to find the first comment. It was from John at the "Hunt, Fish, Live" blog. He's out of the blogging business, but still lives locally. The second one (actually 4) came on the first post of February 2009. The rest, they say, is history.


  9. the first comment that wasn't my dad was from my friend Abbey. She said "Now just wait a second. You have a fishing blog?!? Who else knows about this?"

  10. That long ago, huh? The adventure continues.

    "Time spins when you're havin fun". Think we shared space in a few forum threads over at PAAnglers, didn't we?

  11. The Bigerrfish was my first comment and follower.. Troutrageous wasnt that far behind.

  12. I took a look too.. even though it wasn't that long ago


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