Went Fishing Yesterday...

...but caught nothing.  Don't even think I mustered a nibble.

First time I've received the double middle-finger salute from VC trout since I took Func out fishing, but not catching, at the end of July.

Did get really good at hook setting leaves though.

Looking back at last year's post from almost the same day, I can't help but notice virtually the identical pattern...well, except for the fact that I lucked into one that day.  The second weekend of November 2012, I'm sleeping in.

From a conditions standpoint, yesterday was pretty nice...water levels were a bit low, but other than that it was sunny with a few clouds...temps in the mid to upper 50s.  Just warm enough that the spandex-clad female runners scampering along the creekside trails didn't need to cover up in too many layers.  Not that I ever take my eyes off of my line in the water.

Yeah, it was a "surrounded by beautiful fall colors (albeit fishless) kind of day."  Glass half empty or half full?  I think upon packing it in I left feeling more like a Clif than a Howard.


  1. You may not have caught any fish but sure looks like a beautiful place to do it.

  2. Tough. Very tough.The gorgeous trees almost make it worth it...almost...


  3. Ha ha....had a beautifully scened skunking myself last week...post up tomorrow...

    Winter's coming fast.

  4. A walk in the woods as the seasons flip, is time well spent.

    I had a horizontal windy white out in Estes Park over the weekend.

    Trapped a mouse in the garage and fed it's carcass to the magpies. The magpie was a happy camper; finding a mouse in the peanuts.

    Left, scraping ice off the car. Still having fun even as winter raps on the windows.

  5. That just ...sucks. November should bring fish. Try again next week. It was surely a fluke!

  6. The "double middle finger" comment is classic. Very funny! If we caught trout on every outing it just wouldn't be fun.

  7. Blast. But I do enjoy the Clif and Howard comparrison. I get it. Compeltely.

  8. I bet you caught a leaf or two.

  9. If you never took eyes off of your line in the water, how did you know the spandex-clad female runners were even there?


  10. I am always blown away at how much a leaf feels like a trout for the first...ok, I've reeled them in the whole way thinking they were a fish. I've found that cottonwoods put up the best fight. I caught one midair once in TN, was the highlight of the day.

    Thanks for always putting an enjoyable read out there, Michael. :)

  11. Oh, and feeling like me is better than Howie. I hear he's soft and a little squishy.

  12. I would take a great day of skunkiness in that environment than a great day of catching at the dump

  13. I'll take mine half full and be happy for such a great day. You and Clif can take it half empty and whine about what should of been. I guess that makes all of us happy.


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