Tenkara Tuesd...Screw It, Yesterday Was Halloween!

Yeah, we love us some Halloween in these parts.  Here's the day in pictures...

Kindergarten Halloween Parade
Where's the dog catcher?
Check out the tail
The girls
May the Trick or Treatin' begin
Can I just walk in and take the basket?
Ate too much candy
The Haul


  1. no only is that a "healthy" haul. but, i see multiple full sized candy bars. someone in your neighborhood is amazing.

  2. What a pile of loot! Did you get your cut yet? My Dad always used to take his cut....Protection money he called it.

  3. Nice haul. Should keep Lilly bouncing off the walls for a couple of months, at least.


  4. A pretty respectable score for the young Lily...not bad...not bad at all

  5. That's a nice stash, with a few left over for mom and dad!

  6. Nice haul of sugar ya she got there!

  7. Quality haul... no cheap stuff.

  8. I kinda used to like the cheap stuff. gumballs and lemon drops and those hard candy things that came in multi-packs. meh. i'm nuts though. :) I think maybe you should just do a separate blog about Lilly. She needs her own show. I'll be the first to subscribe. :)


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