November 10, 2011

Sacré Bleu!

I *heart* this French tenkara video.  Can't beat its Sega Genesis soundtrack.  Thank goodness the author (or is it director?) left 2 minutes and 15 seconds of total darkness at the end that really allows you to soak in those block rockin' beats.  Tasty.

Oh, and the first two minutes of actual fishing footage ain't bad either.  I think they even catch a fish...but not as big as HERE or HERE.

There's a blog too*...but I need the folks from Le Mouching to decipher it for me.  When I had the chance to pick a language to study in middle school, the Spanish teacher was hotter than the French teacher.

*Actually, the blog is quite interesting.  Lots of tenkarary goodness thanks to Google Translate.  Added it to the blogroll over there.  Hope no offense is taken by my French frère.  It's all good Yvon.

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  1. This is a phenomenon I have never understood. Then again, most folks don't get steelhead fishing either. Everyone's got their own religion I guess.