November 29, 2011

Laser Beams - Not Just For Frickin' Shark Heads

Lasers are pretty damn cool.  Whenever I think of them, Han Solo's gun immediately comes to mind, which is probably the ultimate in cool, but I had no idea how cool they could be until the folks at Make It Urz dropped this on me about a month ago....

Yes, that is a crappy picture of an awesome laser-engraved T! water bottle.  Pretty bad ass if I say so myself.

Now I didn't ask for this rockstar of a gift, nor was it prearranged to be provided in return for a blog post, or any of that nonsense.  It was simply the unsolicited byproduct of a reader "playing around with stuff tonight on the laser engraver."   

But that doesn't mean I can't pimp Make It Urz's my blog and I can do what I want.

So are you reading this on an iPad?  Yeah, they laser engrave those....

What about a smartphone?  Yup.

Kindle Fire?  That one too.

Okay, not a techie?  What about a fly rod or fly box?  Check & check.

Heck, even boxcutterswrenches, and tortillas are fair game....everything is at least 1000% more rad when it's personalized.

There's actually a ton of stuff they can laser engrave, including almonds, so check out the site if you get a chance.  Twitter works too.  They're also raising funds for an interesting laser engraved greeting card project on Kickstarter.  Go Small Business!

Me?  I'm just waiting to see what I get for Christmas, I have a feeling something will be packed up and sent their way come January.  You know, since they already have that T! logo down and everything.  Maybe I'll even get that Han Solo gun I've always wanted...


  1. I hope that you get your Hans Blaster for Christmas! You'll be a true "beamer"!

  2. The water bottle.....very cool!

    The Hans Blaster...I had a black one as a kid it was frickin awesome! If I had a nickel for every imaginary stormtrooper I blasted......

  3. Was quite surprised when i got an envelope in the mail today with a return address that simply said "T!"