For The Next Few Days...

I'll be here...

...yeah, it's a work-related trip, but things could be worse.

Off to pack...


  1. Go to Jimbo's Place at Virginia Key. Honor system beer sold there and bocce ball. Don't miss it. It's too close to Miami to miss!

  2. You're mighty close to good fall permit fishing. Pack a ten weight tenkara!

  3. forgot the most iconic Miami image - glasses on.....yeeeeeeeh....Horatio.

  4. Have careful in S. may have so much fun you may never come home!

  5. Go to the Gold Nugget gentlemen's club. Always a good time.

  6. South Beach will never be the same...

  7. JJ has a sports bar at the Eden Roc on Collins Avenue. If you get a chance to fish, Blue Fish should be around this time of year. A chunk of Mullet for bait and don't forget the steel leader.


  8. So many good suggestions...& Dub, I've never been one to say no to a gentleman's club. Alas, I'm on a pretty tight schedule, so no fishing in the cards. That noted...Shoreman...I happen to be staying at the Eden Roc. It's like you have a 6th sense or something.
    *glasses on* Yeeeeeeeaaaahhhhh!

  9. Michael
    Did you say this is a work trip?????

  10. Also if you're in south beach, hit up Davids Cuban cafe. Best Cuban sandwiches on earth. I used to live on South Beach. Love it down there.

  11. Don't go all Sean Kingston on us and ram a bridge pier with a wave runner!


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