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Last weekend I wrote a guest post for Gaeron over at the "My Life on the Fly" blog.  He published it last night.  I may have been a bit under the influence while writing, and as such rambled incoherently about tenkara haters, but go check it out anyway.  Even if you are one.  Hater... :)

Even if you're not interested in my post, Gaeron's blog is thoroughly entertaining and informative on its own, so it's worth the click on well as a follow.


  1. Mike, that was a great post. You couldn't have said it better.


  2. Thanks for that Mike. Could you do a post touting the positives of fishing old fiberglass?

  3. Nice work Mike! Most of my posts are under the influence as well... oh well. Ha!

  4. Terrible blog, it should be called my life on the side lines because he spends more time playing football. T im very disappointed at this post.

  5. @Cofisher
    I would, but Cam has an entire blog dedicated to that.

  6. @Jeff Ryan
    Sometimes the old inspiration engine just needs a jump start...

  7. @Anonymous
    Wow, sorry I let you down anonymous...I'd apologize if I knew your real identity. Since I don't, I'll just call you Mr. Complainy-Pants.

    Sorry for disappointing you Mr. Complainy-Pants.

  8. @1st Anonymous poster-Troutrageous pretty much summed it up. I don't see why you think that kid's blog is so terrible? And football? Are you a stalker, or am I just not in on an inside joke?

  9. Sorry T for writing another post, but Anonymous 1, why wouldn't you post your opinions on his blog? Instead of whining to someone who doesn't even own the blog? LOL. I don't get it.


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