November 16, 2011

The 21st Annual International Fly Tying Symposium's this weekend.

I've recruited a small army of fellow Pennsylvanians like this guy and this guy to invade Somerset like feather ogling dorks the Vikings at Noirmountier.

Okay, maybe we'll leave our Thor hammers at home, but at minimum there will be some parking lot battles taking place, as the lot at the Doubletree fills up quick.

The fish is impressive, but I can't help but be in awe of the hat

Last year was fun, so would expect nothing less this year, especially since I've gone from 0 to 60 in terms of tying my own flies since then.  Heck, I might actually understand what I'm looking at this time.

Anybody else plan on being at the show on Saturday?  If so, lemme know in the comments.


  1. you buy a hat like that,ya ain't going on the water with me! ROTFLOL!

  2. I'd come, but it's a little far to commute.


  3. Catch fish, play the bagpipes, invade a beach. I'm diggin it, too. If you can move NJ about 300 miles South, I'll show up with bells on....let me know. heh.

  4. I'll be fact, one of the only kids demonstrating! Cya there,