October 12, 2011

Wednesday Nibbles - No Stupid YouTube Video Edition

Hey all...it's Wednesday Nibbles time again...or is it?  I was actually thinking of stopping the whole "day of the week" themed thing.  Seems to be going around blogdom these days.  There's Monday Morning Coffee, Friday Fish Sticks, Fishilicious Friday, Sunday Tippets, and Weekly Drivel® just to name a few.

There are others too, but those are just five I rattled off the top of my head.  Plus, even though I am a man of lists, I truly do prefer randomness.  I'm a Gemini after all...or at least I was until "they" rearranged the zodiac calendar.  So we'll see...but for today, this is what I've got...

First off...a tease of tomorrow's post...I only I were there instead of a cubicle right now...

Somewhere in Central New York

Brian from Montana Angler Fly Fishing dropped me an email last week.  Paid the blog some compliments, wanted to get in the monstrosity of a blogroll over there ------------------------------------------>
Think I should put 'em in?  Well I did...because I'm easy like that.

Speaking of Montana...While my mancrush on the short films YGF produces has not lessened...(have you seen the new one yet?)...I stumbled across this video on Vimeo.  I mean if this flick doesn't make fly fishing out West look incredibly easy, I don't know what does...

Swedish Reels...made to catch Swedish Fish?  Lord I hope so.

Finally, time for the blog love.  This week's goes out to Sipping Emergers.  I like this blog because Steve posts stuff in a typically classy form, then drops some sarcasm on your head when you're not expecting it.  Like who the heck writes an extensive product review on split shot?  My point exactly.

Hillbilly dentistry?

So go check it out.  Today.  There's widgets for Google & Facebook follows in the right margin...might be a good idea to click 'em while you're there.


  1. Thanks for the mention...I think. Now, don't you know that hillbillies don't replace their teeth?! At least the last time I visited Iowa...

  2. Nice...I give someone some blog love and they go on strike...

  3. Oh...I do appreciate it for sure...Now I just have to post again on Sunday! : ) I guess that I started it...

  4. And Steve will be back...strikes don't last too long.

  5. If I didn't know any better I would have said that first picture is one of my trout pools I like to fish here in town.

  6. Hey big T!. If it was intentional it was in homage. Come to think of it, I think I did use the term "Blog Love" a couple times. I managed to stumble across another blog doing Monday Morning Coffee, so I guess I know the feeling. Back when I was doing 3-5 posts a week I used MMC as a catch all for bits that didn't fit anywhere else, and to build anticipation for upcoming posts. Being too busy to post much lately I haven't been doing MMC as I never saw it as an end to itself. Wednesday Nibbles has always been a favorite, don't make us start a petition drive.
    You're the original and best!

    I'm certain Steve will be back, all he needs to do get a line wet!

  8. @Rick Kratzke
    If you have a pool like that in town, you're a lucky man.

  9. @Fontinalis Rising
    Hey FR...(and everyone else)...no worries. The "everyone is doing it" was not intended as a negative. I love reading everyone's different spin, especially MMC. I just like to switch things up now and then. I've written 46 installments of Wednesday Nibbles to date, maybe I'll see it through a whole year THEN retire it...or reinvent it.

  10. i was going to try YGF Yuesdays. But, it doesn't quite have the best ring to it. thanks for the video love.

  11. I think we all wish we were there fishing that hole right about now :) Maybe I will do a PHOTO of THe WEEk ;) Tight Lines.