October 25, 2011

Tenkara Tuesday - Superman To The Rescue

Welcome to Tenkara Tuesday.

For today's installment, I'm honored to present a guest post by Josh Mann, a fellow blogger known primarily for his fishing website which speaks to saltwater pursuits, but at the same time is evidently not allergic to telescopic fly rods.  Becoming quick friends online via each others blogs, Facebook, and Twitter, I relish opinions like his because they come from the "outside"...no real agenda, just a simple hands-on evaluation of the method.

In this installment of Tenkara Tuesday, JM not only touches on some of his personal experiences with tenkara, but perhaps even crosses the line and tiptoes around a much larger subject - barriers to entry.  Either way I like it...and hope you do too.  Please Enjoy!


So here I am , guest posting on someone else's blog for the second time in a little over two weeks while my own blog suffers from a serious lack of original content. No big deal. I've been short on inspiration lately. The boss man here at T! had a short run of guest posts for his "Tenkara Tuesdays" series, then ran out and started crying mentioned that he could use a few more. That's where I come in wearing a cape with a guest post to help out my trouty friend.

First , a little bit about the fishing I do. I am not a fly fisherman. Not to say that I've never fly fished, but it's just a style of fishing that never really appealed to me. I do all sorts of other types of fishing. Everything from throwing 8-n-bait for big Reds at the beach to trolling for Striped Bass here on my home waters and jigging for the occasional trout or panfish with ultralight gear.

I'm an opportunistic fisherman, meaning that I fish for what's biting when I can rather than waste time trying to coax lethargic bass from the shallows or tease trout out of their deep, cold pools in the middle of Summer. I'm sure that sounds sacrilegious  to some of the die hard fly fishermen that frequent T!, but I fish to feel something thrashing on the end of my line and I don't care what I catch or how. I just like to catch fish.

5% of my "Regular" gear

Enter tenkara. I first ran across this "style" of fishing sometime last year here on T!  Having been thoroughly skunked on a stream by a fly fisherman the previous week, I was a little more than intrigued. Suddenly there was a way for me to fish with tiny flies, without having to master the double barrel roll overhanded backcast or any of the million other fly fishing intricacies known only to the secret brotherhood of the fly.

I was able to get into tenkara fishing for a little over 60 bucks. I bought a Fountainhead rod , a spool of line and a few flies. My tenkara setup has opened up a new way for me to catch fish and I have to say I like it, even though I've only used it a few times.

95% of my fly fishing gear

Will I join in on the debate between tenkara and western fly fishermen about which is better?  Definitely not, but I will say that it is a cool way for us non-fly guys to glimpse into a world that often seems elitist and where our bait tossing ways are frowned upon.  For me personally, it's been great to be able to try fly fishing without having to be a fully outfitted western fly fisherman.  In my opinion, tenkara has made fly fishing immensely more accessible to the average weekend angler that has little to no experience.  Perhaps that's why the debate rages on?

Thanks for the invitation to guest post here at Troutrageous!

Tight lines,
JM , from Something's Fishy


About the Author: 

Josh Mann is a devoted husband and father of two who lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. He has fished the waters of the Mid-Atlantic states for almost 30 years, targeting both fresh and saltwater species that he writes about on his blog, Something's Fishy.


Are you a Western tenkara angler? Do you have a story, pictures, video, fly recipe, or simply a fishing report from one of your recent tenkara adventures? If so, Troutrageous! wants to hear from you for a future Tenkara Tuesday post! Feel free to send an email HERE, or check out this previous post for more information.


  1. Interesting. I might want to get one for my son Ben to try.

  2. Sounds like fun. I may just have to get one and try it out.

  3. Ok. I think I officially want a Tenkara rod now.

  4. Fishing is a nice hobby which you can relax and you can see the beauty of nature. Its fun if you catch a big fish .

  5. Caught an 18 inch brown my last outing using my Amago and a corresponding horsehair line. The others with me were using the standard western fly rod. I danced the fly with no line in or on the water while they were mending and trying not to drag...