October 6, 2011

So Let's Check The List...

Last Sunday I had a checklist for myself.  Some of it actually involved fishing.  I wrote about its construction HERE.  For what it's worth, I like lists.  I like marshmallows more, but I do like lists.  Curious how it went?  No?  Well tough, I'm going to show you anyway...

  • Wake up
(No picture, but it happened, I swear)

  • 2 for $3 Wawa Sizzli
Breakfast of Champions, Begin the caloric tally now...

  • Wader Up

  • Fish
Water was way too high

  • Lose Some Flies
(I lost more than a few)

  • Catch Something (Maybe)

  • Waders Off
Drop the drawers

  • Lunch
Yeah, 3,500 calories and counting...

  • Watch Eagles Game / (NASCAR Race on Prev. Channel)
0 to 0, when things were hopeful
Kurt Busch, led lap 9.  Also led lap 400

  • Dinner
Caloric count - Just north of 5,000

  • Tickets for Cliff Lee
Top of the 4th.  Things were looking good
After the 6th, Lilly was none too impressed

  • Late Night Traffic Exiting CBP
Bonus points for tapping the bumpers of Lexii

  • Bed
(Like waking up, it happened, I swear)

Crossed 'em all off.
Heavyweight. Champion. Of. The. World.


  1. that was a painful day of philly sports. glad you got on the water. hopefully, that offset the pain of two blown leads.

  2. I’m worried about your cholesterol count. It may have been better to eat the fish instead…heck, it may have been better to eat the waders. Anyway, great post, Jack

  3. Great day! I was in Philly for a stormwater engineering class last week and was wishing I was out on the water!!!

  4. I can't think of a better Sunday.

  5. @Ivan
    That it was Ivan. Had the fishing been last rather than first in sequential order it might have helped...

  6. @The Velo Hobo
    Thanks Jack. Yeah, breakfast & dinner were somewhat planned, lunch was not. I've been on a "detox" all week.

    BTW - Love the tenkara posts over on your blog.

  7. @River Mud
    No offense to stormwater engineering classes, but I'd rather be fishing too...

  8. @G Lech
    Two wins would have made it much better...

  9. You're not alone I like list's also, as a matter of fact I make one everyday. Sadly though I don't always finish them. Still trying though.

  10. I'm impressed! And now also exhausted...

  11. At least you didn't drive 7 hours to the Airondacks to find the pond you wanted to fish was gone (including the brook trout that were supposed to be dinner) compliments of Hurricane Irene. Oh yeah, by the way I'm a Dolphin fan. Does it get any better? At least you got a brown!

  12. a list worthy day for sure...I like the calorie count, very impressive.

  13. That was perfect spoon waters,yes T!,Spurky is onto something again! Loook Out!