Maximizing Blog Post Keywords to Increase Traffic

I don't take much stock in the stats service provided in the Blogger dashboard.  I tend to prefer Google Analytics (& even StatCounter) a bit more when it comes to analyzing the "behind the scenes" that go on here in an attempt to make Troutrageous! a better place for you, the reader.

However...I did click on that "Stats" button today just to see what was new...and I saw this little chart regarding keywords:

So, going with that data set, it's clear to me that you all want to see something.
Thus, I present the following:

brooklyn decker beautiful native american woman trout rigs tenkara baseball hall of fame awesome troutrageous

In the legendary words of Bryan Adams...Everything I do, I do it for you.


  1. troutrageous!!!!!!! - that looks like a drawing of brooklyn decker dressed up like a beautiful native american woman who loves the baseball hall of fame.

    hopefully, my comment will help cement those keywords even more into the google machines inner workings.

  2. Beautiful native American woman.... and I'll +1 to help even more!

  3. When you added the Google Analytics code, did you add it as an HTML/Java script widget, or did you plunk it down in the template code for your site?

  4. It's a niche market and you got it cornered.

  5. I could really care less about Pocahontas, but I will take Bryan Adams music anytday.

  6. If you could only find a BNAW with a tenkara rod and a T! tat. Let the quest begin!

  7. In hindsight, for all I know, that may be a tenkara rod and the ink may just be ah hum - hidden. LOL.

    So with some liberty on the words of David Allan Coe's lyrics to "You never even called me" alias "Drunk the day my mom got outta prison";

    I felt obliged to elaborate on your post.

    So I sat down and wrote this second comment.

    It goes like this -


    AND I WENT TO PICK HER UP IN my troutRAGE...ous T

    BUT BEFORE I COULD GET TO THE baseball hall of fame with MY tenkara ROD

    SHE GOT tattoo'd with a T! and a DAMNED OLD TRAIN.

    Chorus -

    And I'll hang - around - as long as you will let me...

    I never minded Comments 'Down the DRAIN'

    No you don't have to send me Blogger, Blogger

    Why don't you ever send me?

    I wonder why you don't send me

    Why don't you ever send me my --- T!sticker?

  8. I keep getting searches for "beautiful men." Go figure.

  9. @Mark
    As a widget at the bottom. But now Blogger lets you add it directly in the settings.

  10. @John Delaney
    Bloody Marys and mimosas for breakfast today?

    Seriously, you don't have any stickers yet? That egregious error will be rectified immediately. Will send you an email.

  11. Alas...there was no ethnic specification...

  12. I see some very nicely appointed feathers there.



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