October 24, 2011

The Latest Valley Creek Fishing Report

Before I went to bed two nights ago I had the great idea that I'd charge the batteries on my point-and-shoot camera as well as my hand-held video camera.

When I left to go fishing yesterday morning, I had the equally great idea to bring said point-and-shoot camera and hand-held video camera with me.

However while doing both, the morning of I had the bad idea to leave the freshly charged batteries at home.

Oh well...

At least I didn't have an EPIC day of fishing, one that should have been documented for the Fly Fishing Hall of Fame (there's one of those, right?)  That said, I caught more than my share, but nothing to brag about. Luckily, I had my smartphone, so I snapped a few pics with it.

Small streamers (thanks @fieldcaster) in deeper pools and drifting Copper Johns through the shallows were the preferred flies of the day.

Also tried out my new wading pants and boots. As a former hip wader, I've become a quick fan of these Redington Sonic Pro wading pants so far. A little less bulky than full waders, would have been a steal even if I didn't get them for crazy price from The Clymb.  (Yes, that's a referral link, but the deal was really that good - fo' sho').

Redington Sonic Pro Wading Pants L.L. Bean Gray Ghost Wading Boots
Junk's eye view?

The L.L. Bean Gray Ghost boots seem solid too, nice and lightweight, but I didn't do too rigorous of wading so not sure how "sticky" the rubber soles really are.  Only time will tell on both, but good first impressions.

Anyway, not a magical day on the water, but a productive stress reliever nonetheless.  Sometimes the non-eventful days are just as meaningful as the memorable ones.


  1. My fishing expectations are usually pretty high (then again, I use spinning gear 90% of the time) but I know the attitude you speak of, from our duck hunting adventures.

    Did anyone get hurt? (no) Did any dogs get hurt? (no) Was any equipment destroyed? (no) Did the birds fly in the vicinity of where we were? (yes). OK, it was a pretty good day!

  2. I was thinking to hit valley creek yesterday too but ended up at Brandywine in Chadds Ford. Saw some 12-14 inchers cruising along the banks, but couldnt get them to take anything...Donated a fair few flies to trees and rocks too, but it was good to get out on the water...nice to see some wee critters in Valley Creek - maybe next weekend if the boss allows me out again!

  3. Love the photo of that first first. Good trouty shape and coloration.

    I've been using rubber soled boots for about 18 months. Found that for our free stone streams I definitely need the studs in the bottom but with those they've worked very well.

  4. @Steve Zakur

    That first sentence should end "first fish". Gotta slow down and read what I'm writing.

  5. Nice looking browns. It's been too long since I have been to valley creek. I have to get down that way.

  6. Man, I literally got in the car on Sunday with the intention of hitting Valley, but I then found out my fishing time was gonna be limited so I hit the LL instead.