October 2, 2011

Haven't Posted Since Wednesday

...although I've been kinda active "socially."  You know, the Twitterbook+ and places of the sort.

Sorry for the lack of posts.  Lack of fishing = lack of inspiration = lack of writing.  So rather than bellyache, I'm going fishing today to hopefully remedy this problem.  Fly rod with reel, (sorry tenkara) and I can already hear the trout laughing...

Will also be trying out a new sling pack I picked up last week.  A little bigger than the current man-purse, and can at least better accommodate a water bottle, or flask, or whatever.

So this is the plan for the day...I've always felt planning ahead is a key to success in whatever you're doing.  Depending on when you read this, the master plan may already be in motion.

We'll compare poorly shot cellphone pics to this outline later this week and see how I did ...

In the meantime, enjoy your Sunday...whatever it may involve...


  1. Hope you have a good day out there!

  2. Can't wait to hear how your day goes.

  3. It's 3:53 PM EST and movement through the list is progressing well...alas, only halfway thru!

  4. I wish you the best, except for the baseball portion.

  5. Michael
    Have a great day----got a question, do you think that the Tenkara rod would handle a large carppie? I am looking for something light.

  6. Interested to hear how you like your new sling pack. I am a bag junkie, I believe.

    In hindshight, tough loss for Eagles.

  7. @Bill Trussell
    Bill, I think it would. While it's not what it was originally inteded for, there's a ton of people that use tenkara rods for warmwater species like crappie and even bass.

  8. @Mel
    Product review coming...
    I'm forgetting yesterday happened (from a pro sports standpoint)