October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Short and sweet today.  I hope everybody has a Happy Halloween.

Whether or not you have kids or will be out trick or treating, Halloween is pretty awesome because it is one of those nonsensical holidays (like St. Binge Drinking's Patrick's Day) that we as a culture celebrate as an excuse to be naughty, and one sex does not-so-secretly loathe, (like Valentine's Day...)

As such, I also know a lot of my readers are outdoorsy folks.  Especially all you Colorado hippies.  So please, consider this your warning.  Do us all a favor and don't try to be "crunchy" or "earthy" or "healthy" with your Halloween treats.  No granola bars, no Clif bars, no raisins, and heaven forbid no toothbrushes!  If you must, I suppose a Slim Jim might be acceptable, only because it is dried-out and heavily salted dead animal "meat."

So...Please heed this warning and do not mess around with the treats.  The Three Musketeers did not lend their name to a candy bar for it to be wasted.

Because if you do...this little bastard's coming after you....

(anonymous reader-supplied art)

Yeah, it was sent in by the same guy who took the baby picture.
Weirdos are among us outdoor bloggers.  They are among us.


  1. I don't get any trick-or-treaters...in a dark rural mountain canyon, I can't imagine why...

    But even being a "granola chick" in Colorado, I'd give out chocolate...always must be chocolate. :)

  2. That clown is just scary. Took kids to Boo In The Zoo and that's all the trick-or-treat they get. Costumes and wild animals, whats better than that?