September 7, 2011

Wednesday Nibbles - The In Case You Missed It Edition

Yay long weekends.  Boo back to work.  Yeah, that's what I was thinking yesterday when I had to return to the j-o-b after a nice 4 day weekend.  Heck, I didn't even do that much between Friday and Monday but the time still flew by.

Since I'm sure you all were actually doing some fun stuff and not reading blogs or surfing outdoors websites, consider this Wednesday Nibbles a way to catch you up on some things you missed.  Oh, and play along and click on the links...the post makes more sense that way.  A'ight?  Good.

First off,  There was a solid guest post by Brandon "Don't Call Me A Blogger" Robinson about a fishing trip on the Llano River in Texas.  No it's not about trout, no it's not about coldwater fishing, or even the Northeast, but it's still a pretty rad post, and if you missed it, you should really check it out HERE.  Oh, and FlyStock, FlyStock, FlyStock...

To all you hunters out there, Rick at Whitetail Woods tossed up an excellent reminder post on hunting safety and an associated hunting safety course.  I'd consider it pretty timely considering when I went fishing on Saturday I noticed the leaves just starting to turn colors and fall into the stream.  May need to switch that ball cap to blaze orange pretty know...just to stand out a bit.

Guess what, besides writing 56 posts over the weekend, Owl Jones is mourning another lost season of Georgia Bulldogs football selling t-shirts!  Not only is there the Owl Logo shirt, but also sweet "WTF" fish print tee.  So go buy one...or two...or three....  Heck, I plan on it...simply because I don't want to be the guy that wears the concert tee to the concert.  That's a violation.

Will over at The Riparian Corridor is taking indecision, or perhaps evil genius, to an entirely new level.  Remember like a week or two ago I told you he changed the URL of his blog?  Yeah, well it's changed yet again, and it's not case-sensitive this time. (Somewhere Casey is smiling).   Anywho, it's worth taking a peek because it's got a freakin' cool new visual layout.  Very different from what's going on out there is fishing blogdom (think LO FI FLY).  He's currently building a new rod...or rolling some fancy "cigarettes"...or possibly both.  Go see what I mean HERE.

Something Fishy's giving away stuff to celebrate his blog's first birthday.  Yeah, saltwater fishermen rejoice.  You can win a bunch of fishing gear over there and it's ridiculously easy to enter...but you need to do so before the 15th, or you'll just increase my chances of winning.  And as Clif will tell you, I win everything, so perhaps it's a moot point already...

The Mark Vivian is buying a handgun and recording the buying decision process over at Intro To The Outdoors.  First it was a M1911, next a Glock.  I don't know if the dude is planning on holding up the local Commerce Bank....shoot some Asian Carp...or what...but it's a pretty interesting read, especially for someone who doesn't live & breathe firearms.  I'd think it'd be heaven for a gun nut.

Karel at Tenkara on the Fly is reviewing stuff HERE and HERE.  And it's not tenkara stuff either, it's fishing gear any of you non-crazies could use.  He may also be in cahoots with The Mark Vivian.  Just know what I mean...

Oh, and if he hasn't been extremely overexposed enough already (the dude breaks wind and 117 bloggers simultaneously wax poetic about the hearty aroma)...Gierachmania is evidently running wild HERE & HERE & was dutifully recapped HERE.

What'chu gonna do brutha when the 24" brown trout runs wild all over you...!?!

On that note, I'm out.  Gotta say my prayers and eat my vitamins...or something like that...


  1. Damn, I didn't realize John G. was so buff!

  2. Train, say your prayers, and drink your eggshell coffee. Don't hate on Gierach. I'm about to start round 2 on all his books as soon as the next kid is born and I cant leave the house.