September 28, 2011

Wednesday Nibbles - The Condensed Edition

We've got company at the house this week.  Not wanting to be a poor host, I'm keeping the Nibbles brief.  Real brief.  Same stupid mix of stuff, you may just need to add water and stir first.

Stupid "fishing" video.  With a name like Farts & Explosions, how do you go wrong?

Want to get away for a weekend?  This looks promising...and has a good name.  Now what are we catchin'?

You know Trout MaGee's blog.  But did you know you can buy his stuff HERE?

Phillies.  101 wins with a chance for one more.  Let's go eat.

Blog Love. Folks seem to be crushin' on Fly Fishilicious.  I am too.  Fishilicious...Troutrageous...we like smushed words here.  Go visit HERE.

You enter the contest yet?  No?  Do it.  HERE.

That is all...and yes, this is a new low.


  1. let's go eat. let's pop bottles.

  2. Well, in the first video I can positively that someone poured some bleach into their gene pool!

  3. Thanks for the shoutout Troutrageous! xoxo
    ~ Jen AKA Fly Fishilicious