September 1, 2011

No You Didn't!

I've received a lot of T! Party pictures the last month and a half.  I wanted to thank all my awesome friends and readers for having some fun with the stickers and shirts and actually sending in some snapshots, as I thought most would be thrown in the trash upon receipt.

However this [name withheld] T! Party member may set the new bar.

For once, even I'm speechless...

Sorry in advance for the nightmares.


  1. You two are both wrong, but keep the guesses coming. I will say the submitter is a fellow blogger.

    And to the person who rated this post "2 Stars", why 2 and not only 1? I would have rated it a "1", just saying...

  2. I think the word you were looking for was CREEPY! However, a clown would have been worse.

  3. come play with us, Michael. Come play with us..... creepy.

  4. The movable eyeballs are extra creepy... it's alive, it's alive!

  5. The only blogger I know of that plays with dolls is OWL!

  6. to paraphrase Sir Charles Barkley. "That is turrafying."

  7. This is so fun!! I need to get a sticker. Thanks for keeping' it real and creepy!!

  8. #1 The back of my Ford Edge wants to join the tea party.
    #2.I need to get some DTT stickers printed.
    #3 You need to hit the LL with me soon. I had a 20+ fish day yesterday.
    #4 This comment was powered by a Fly Dog Raging Bitch Belgian IPA for breakfast, being consumed at the beach.

  9. @Sanders
    You should be. I hear that doll has an affection for bulldogs.

  10. @Kiwi
    I don't even want to post the picture that came after this one...

  11. @d. nash
    Ever see Toy Story 3? That's what it reminded me of.

  12. @Hi! I'm Andrea,
    Wow, surprise drop in. Glad you like want some stickers for your "kids" doll collection...just email me your addy HERE.

  13. @Dub The Thorax
    1. Just hit me up on email or Facebook with your mailing address. No problem.

    2. I know a guy...

    3. Agreed. I saw your post. Love the brookie action.

    4. Livin' the life

  14. First - note to self to send TParty snaps....
    Second - now that's just bordering on a little creepy and if you aren't careful, you'll end up with some voodoo Barbie-Doo disaster like we had when The Womens Outdoor News gals took Barbie- Doo carp fishing. I'm just warning you was not pretty!

  15. @Cofisher
    Oh no- Owl's not the only one - Barbie-Doo; vixen voodoo barbie that she is has been making the rounds with a few of us. Hmmmm I think she should visit Owl.. they'd have grand time together ;)