September 16, 2011

Down Goes The Dam!

Hey, thought I'd write a blog post today.  Novel idea, right?

I got some photos via email of the dam removal process over at the Stony Creek.  Yeah, I mentioned that the dam was coming out in a previous post, but the real heavy lifting finally got started this past week.

While dam removal is viewed as pretty important, this one is a bit controversial because the dam is kind of the centerpiece for recreational fishing on the Stony Creek.  No dam = two less deep holes (above & below) for the stocked trout.

I mean check out this "before" picture from this year's Stony Creek Anglers Trout Tournament as reference:

And here are some "after-ish" pictures (courtesy Ray Duff):

It's going to take a little while for the Stony Creek to settle down and find its new flow...but it will definitely look very, very different a year from now.


  1. Wonderful. Restoring the stream to a natural flow.

  2. Can't get rid of too many dams. Fishermen will just have to learn how to fish.

    They ramped a dam like that near me, on a little creek I like to fish. I asked the DNR why they didn't just yank the stupid thing. Apparently at a town meeting, an old guy had fond memories of sliding down the face of the dam when he was a kid. He really, really didn't want to see it removed, such fond memories......

    Really? Like I give a crap. I have fond memories of how Chicago looked in the mid 60's. Things change, adapt.

  3. Cool! I think Stoney Creek will be much the better for it.

  4. Very interesting...thanks for posting them. There is a dam near me that is soon to be expanded...and these kinds of things always stir things up. Not sure where I fall on it. But I think Stoney Creek looks much better minus her dam.

  5. Hope they get all the reinforcing bars out of the flow. They could end up being human fishhooks for kids rafting in higher water.

    Great job catching the historical event and sharing. There's a lot of those old obstructions around the country that need to go.

  6. Man I hope to -never- fish near that many people at once. That's crazy. Thanks for posting!

    Why was the dam put in originally?

  7. I think @Ken G put it well.

    If anyone wants to get really sciency, read Poff et al., 1997 "Natural Flow Regime." While it is on the older side (in the land of science), it is the go-to published article about restoration of rivers to natural flow.

  8. I love watching a dam getting ripped apart!

  9. Hooray for restoration and connectivity, fantastic news Mike!


  10. Isn't it funny - they use the same equipment to build them and then to take them down.

    See if you can get some aerial before and after photos - that's where you'll really see the difference.