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Wednesday Nibbles - The Condensed Edition

We've got company at the house this week.  Not wanting to be a poor host, I'm keeping the Nibbles brief.  Real brief.  Same stupid mix of stuff, you may just need to add water and stir first.

Stupid "fishing" video.  With a name like Farts & Explosions, how do you go wrong?

Want to get away for a weekend?  This looks promising...and has a good name.  Now what are we catchin'?

You know Trout MaGee's blog.  But did you know you can buy his stuff HERE?

Phillies.  101 wins with a chance for one more.  Let's go eat.

Blog Love. Folks seem to be crushin' on Fly Fishilicious.  I am too.  Fishilicious...Troutrageous...we like smushed words here.  Go visit HERE.

You enter the contest yet?  No?  Do it.  HERE.

That is all...and yes, this is a new low.

Tenkara Tuesday - Sakasa Kebari Variants

Welcome to Tenkara Tuesday.

For today's installment, I'm honored to present a guest post by Chris "Kiwi" Kuhlow, a tenkara angler that many of you that frequent outdoor blogs may already be familiar with.  Chris ties some of the prettiest tenkara flies you'll ever see and displays them prominently over on his blog, The North River.  He's also quite accomplished, placing 2nd in a national fly tying contest sponsored by the Montana Fly Company & Outdoor Blogger Network.

When I was thinking of which person I'd want to write about tenkara-style flies, Chris immediately came to mind, and I'm thrilled to bring his post to you today.  Please enjoy!

Sakasa Kebari Variants

When it comes to flies used in fly fishing there are some great patterns that have stood the test of time. If one were to make a list of notable flies they would surely include the Adams dry fly, the Elk Hair Caddis, …

Giveaway: Free MooseKnuckle Carbon Fiber Lanyard™

Fly Fishing Lanyards...some people love 'em, some people don't see the point.  Until recently, I probably fell into the latter grouping.  I always interpreted them as simply a charm necklace for anglers...and unless you're Mr. T or Flavor Flav, you probably can't pull one off.  That coming from a guy who fishes with a man-purse.

That perception changed a bit when I ran into MooseKnuckle Lanyards on the various social networks.  Let's just say this isn't a necklace your kid braids together in summer camp.  Not only do these lanyards have some really sweet technology in the form of a unique adjustment system, but they are built to be bulletproof and come in some nice finishes, like Stainless Steel, Carbon Fiber, and in a limited edition, Fiberglass.

Here's a short video about the MooseKnuckle Lanyard, especially highlighting the adjustment mechanism.

So what's the advantage of a lanyard?  Well, if you fish light, everything is accessible, right where you …

Pssst...Hey...You...Mr. Bassmaster...

I don't fly fish for bass all that often...okay, I've only done it once....but in my dreams, this Sage Bass II rod is the sh*t I'd be swinging.

So if you get turned on by a nice, tight bass...and got the $500+ to afford this new one by clicking through the banner below.

Yeah, I'm not ashamed to say I get paid a kickback from Leland if you do. As Al Davis once said, "Just Monetize, Baby!"  Lilly wants the new Barbie game for Wii.

Be The Envy Of All Your Friends

The latest shipment of T! Shirts has arrived. All sizes (Medium thru 2XL) are in stock.

Order them HERE and be cool like this box of misfit flies.

You know you want to.

Fun With Typos

Does anybody else find a certain amount of humor in reading the spelling errors of others?

Don't get me wrong, they're not all when somebody types "hear" instead of "here"...that's just poor grammar...but there are some good ones where I can't help but giggle...especially when it comes to fishing.


Instead of STREAMER...


Instead of STRIPER...


Instead of BUGGER...

I could go on, but you get the point.

One observes typos such as these frequently, especially if you read as many blogs as I do.  I find them funny, even more so when the author has no idea of the mistake. Like the cat that ate the canary, I can only smile. I'm awful, I know.

In case you didn't notice, I also like excuses to post pictures of scantily-clad women on this blog.  It's nice when two things you enjoy come together so effortlessly.

Tenkara Tuesday - American Tenkara Enthusiast

Welcome to Tenkara Tuesday.

For today's installment, it's my pleasure to present a guest post by Adam Trahan. Truthfully, Adam was one of the few I approached to write for this series, as he has gone to great lengths to research and share his findings on the origins and techniques of tenkara. More importantly, he's also one of those guys that doesn't waste words when writing. His words are all chosen to have have a purpose, ultimately to make the reader think...even if it is not always the most popular viewpoint.  The world needs more folks like that. 

Please enjoy!


Troutrageous! (Michael Agneta) asked me to write a little on being an "American Tenkara" enthusiast. I am honored to write for his blog.

As of now, late summer of 2011, I am completing my second full year of practicing tenkara. During that time, I have not used a Western fly rod with a reel. I consider myself an new person t…

Jail Break!

Hurricane Irene did a lot of damage a few weeks ago.  High winds, ridiculous amounts of rain, caused well documented catastrophes all over the East Coast.  Even after Irene, remnants from Tropical Storm Lee came through and made what was already wet even wetter, which led to high water all over the place, flooding, and even more damage.  But you all know this already, right?

Well...what if I told you that it also caused a Pennsylvania trout nursery to overflow, allowing the majority of its late summer fingerlings to escape from their pens and make a run for it in the stream located beside?  An unannounced & unintended late summer stocking thanks to Irene & Lee?...well two of my friends (Spurky and Swattie) gave me the "hint-hint" about this late last week, so this past Saturday I hopped into the car and made the couple hour drive to help play Sheriff...or at least Deputy.  I'm typically not a stocked trout chaser, (you know me and Valley's native browns), but…

Down Goes The Dam!

Hey, thought I'd write a blog post today.  Novel idea, right?

I got some photos via email of the dam removal process over at the Stony Creek.  Yeah, I mentioned that the dam was coming out in a previous post, but the real heavy lifting finally got started this past week.

While dam removal is viewed as pretty important, this one is a bit controversial because the dam is kind of the centerpiece for recreational fishing on the Stony Creek.  No dam = two less deep holes (above & below) for the stocked trout.

I mean check out this "before" picture from this year's Stony Creek Anglers Trout Tournament as reference:

And here are some "after-ish" pictures (courtesy Ray Duff):

It's going to take a little while for the Stony Creek to settle down and find its new flow...but it will definitely look very, very different a year from now.

Tenkara Tuesday - Two Years of Tenkara Fishing

Welcome to Tenkara Tuesday.

For today's installment, I'm honored to present a guest post by Randy Knapp, a tenkara angler from Virginia.  I had originally made Randy's acquaintance on the Tenkara USA Forum a few years ago and was very impressed not only by his fishing prowess, but in the variety of fish always displayed in the pictures he posted.  See, Randy's not the typical trout fisherman most envision when they think of tenkara - he uses his arsenal of rods to target all species, and isn't afraid to share his opinions!
Two Years of Tenkara Fishing
After nearly two years of fishing predominately with tenkara rods and similar telescoping rods/poles from 9' to 21' I have come to realize a number of advantages and a few limitations.  I have fished small and large freestone mountain streams and small and large lowland streams, spring creeks, ponds and lakes, saltwater shorelines and saltwate…